Saturday, March 12, 2011

Animal Crackers - Our Small Visitor & The Order of Breakfast

Happy Saturday! This week we have a very small visitor here at our place. My Nephew Tagen sent us a visitor to come and "help" us with all the animals here...
His Class is reading the Story of Flat Stanley - and each child then colors and sends out a Flat Stanley of their own to see the world and do something special. Well Tagen's Stanley came here!
The Donkeys were very curious of him... And we were a bit nervous that they were going to destroy him! LOL So Hubby stayed with Stanley to make sure he was safe at all times. I mean all our donkeys are obnoxiously friendly... but with a visitor of this type we didn't know if they would stomp or eat him!
We did let him go for a ride on his own after a few minutes but then a breeze came and Hubby had to chase him down and get to him before the donkeys - whew... close but Stanley was ok.
From then on Hubby made sure to hold him to make sure he didn't fall off anyone again.
Stanley was even brave enough to ride Ted E. Bear the standard larger donkey... very brave indeed! I sure wouldn't climb on him as he would buck you off in seconds... and I missed the photo of Ted running like crazy to get away from this odd rider.
Stanley then went to stand next to Frank the Goat's pen - brave again as the smell in this pen can cause you to pass out!! But he wasn't there long, as just as I snapped this photo Frank grabbed Stanley by the head... whew.. saved him before he got a good hold and took him for a snack! It was an eventful visit for Stanley.. he had fun, and now I will print out his photos and write up a story and send it back to Tagen's teacher so the class can see his visit here. Hope they enjoy it!
Wanted to show you our Wild Cherry tree on our property... it is unbelievably gorgeous right now! But it doesn't last long. It sits outside one of the donkey pens, Hubby and I love to see it in full bloom each year. There are two smaller trees right behind this one.
The white flowers are just beautiful especially when the sky is so blue and clear!
I asked Hubby to keep the donkeys busy while I took the photos of the tree... He was being attacked and I ended up having to go and help give loving  :0)
Thought you would enjoy seeing "Breakfast" at our house... Each morning after we have all been outside and made sure all the donkeys and goats are ok, fed and watered. We come back in for breakfast. After all that outside running the dogs are hungry! But Libbie always I MEAN ALWAYS gets to eat first. She gets a few good mouths full and then she will let the other to the bowl.
Even as young as she is Chica has learned the hard way. Let Mom go first... just sit and wait her turn.
And always a gentleman... Autie use to wait for Libbie to finish then he would get a bite. But now he just lays down and waits for both girls to get done before he even approaches the bowl. He is such a sweetie!

Sorry it was a bit long today! Lots to show you - always is when there is a special visitor! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! See you tomorrow for Dust it Off!
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Jilli said...

Aww this is wonderful. How lucky is Stanley to come visit you ... i wish! Thanks for sharing your life with us ... its truly the highlight of my Saturday morning. hugs Jillix

Kirsten Alicia said...

Phew, I'm glad Stanley survived his very adventurous visit! Terrific photos as always. Have a great weekend.

LorraineB said...

Very cute story Glad Flat Stanley had a nice visit. I love the expression on Libby's face. It's like she's saying, excuse me!! I'm eating. Get lost. LOL. As always all the animal photos are great.

Jóna said...

Hi Michelle !
I always love to look at your animals and wish I could visit you, they are adorable all of them. Your tree is beautiful, this type of tree douse not grow in Iceland. No donkeys and no Wild Cherry trees either in Iceland (but a lot of snow right now :O))
Hugs, Jóna

♥...Mo...♥ said...

Oh was a great adventure he lived
Beautiful photos as always
And the tree is a wonder
Hugs from Venezuela

Carol Dee said...

Lucky Flat Stanley. It would sure be fun to visit your place. :) Autie really is sweet. Pushy ladies. LOL. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs....

TA Carbone said...

Love todays journal Michelle. It is so nice to see Flat Stanley traveling the world


Barbara Moore said...

Great pictures and story for your nephews fellow students. As a retired teacher it brought back great memories! I know those that you share with the students will last a lifetime. Thanks for all the great ideas and memories you share with each post!

NinaN said...

This is the best flat Stanley trip I have ever seen!

BA said...

hi michelle
thanks for the wonderful pics
wich you a wonderful sunday
xoxo BA

Helen said...

Oh my did Stanley have an adventurous visit at your place. He must have enjoyed it (I know I would). Then this picture of Chica, my is she adorable. I'd like to come over and hug her (will you do it for me). See you soon, Hugs.

Rufus said...

Wow, Stanley was brave, if rather foolish! Luckily he had you to rescue him. Seeing Chica and Autie's pictures so close together...I'd either never realized or forgotten how much she looks like her Daddy! What a sweet little lady.

Shelly said...

I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of Flat Stanley's visit. What fun! Our niece sent Flat Stanley to visit us a few years ago and we had such a good time taking pictures with him. It was a blustery day though and Stanley came close to ending up in the river and ocean several times. Stanley leads an adventurous life. lol