Saturday, December 3, 2011

Animal Crackers - Back at the Neighbors

Took my camera one night this week when Hubby and I were feeding all the animals at our neighbors - we are getting pretty attached to these guys and gals... ;0)

So last time I showed you all the horses in her front pens - today I want to show a few of the ones in the back of the property. They are all so gorgeous. And I wish I could capture their hair right now. With the cold coming they all feel so luxurious! ..... love petting on them so stunning.

Speaking of hair... This is Dolly. I totally love her mane - 
 She has a tad of Punk rocker look to her mane - She is one that is totally sweet - loving obnoxiously sweet... She makes Hubby crazy when he is trying to load in round bales. She is literally all over the truck trying to get attention. (he really loves it.. and gets out of the truck to give her the attention she is wanting) but my windows show all tracks of her being there... she leaves a tongue trail... ewe..... :0)

Now most of the other girls... we confuse. Sad huh? We are trying to learn their names, but many of them look the same, and honestly some of them are always a group and I loose track of who is who... But they are sweet.. and still get their share love  - just as "horse". The neighbor will be here next week... I'll make a cheat sheet for these girls like I have the babies names, that helps me learn them better :0) 
This girl always comes to the fence for her nose petting. She has such a pretty calm face.

This might be Marilyn... or not. 
She is such a striking horse -

This I think is Coriander - again.. maybe 
I totally love this girls eyelashes!! I am continuously telling her they must be fake lashes. If only mine could be that long... well and not white.

This is Jordan... FOR SURE this is Jordan... you see he is the only "boy" in the back. 

Now Jordan thinks he is one great Stud man... especially since he has is harem of ladies in this pen... but shhhhh  don't tell him he is a gelding ok?  Would just ruin his macho attitude. LOL He really is a handsome man. Sometime a bit of trouble maker, getting out of the fences or picking fights with other boys (and why he is in back with all the ladies) but hey what guy isn't in some trouble at some time?

Doggie Photos....

This is Personality -our snake bite victim.... I totally adore this gal.
She is all better now, back to her normal self. And such a gentle girl.

This is Niner... I showed him last time... but I got such a gorgeous photo of him I had to show him again...

He is bigger than the girls. Less timid, and when he sees that "milk bone" box - he become very pushy :0)  But still a love - 

And since I showed Niner again it wouldn't have been fair to leave out Moxie this week now would it? So I made sure to snap a photo of her... she is super timid.... but a joy when you finally get her to you -  she cracks me up when she takes the "cookies" from me. She is so gentle and takes them so slowly.
All three dogs are really loves. And they do keep the stinky animals - you know skunks, raccoons and such away from the house. They never stray off too far. The farthest I think they go is our house. And that is more now than in the past... I think they have figured out that is where that Milk Bone box goes each night.... :0) LOL 

Just one more photo today.... the neighbors 4 miniature donkeys... wonder where she got these spoiled guys? wink wink.....
Hubby loads up the hay in the back of my pick up to drive up to the front pens.... the donkeys are always right there to steal as much of it as they can before they get run off... LOL 

Hope you enjoyed visiting the neighbors.... She really has gorgeous animals and we are really enjoying "baby sitting" for her.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are preparing for some cold weather here.... making sure the barns are all ready and the animals have a place to get out of the cold rain. Stay warm where ever you are! 

HUGS and-


Kirsten Alicia said...

Good morning Michelle. My Saturday has got off to a great start; Tim Holtz's Day 3 of his 12 Tags of Christmas & now Animal Crackers - perfect!
Lovely to see photos of your neighbour animals, the dogs are very cute. And those are some eyelashes - wow!!
Have a great weekend. Stay warm!

LorraineB said...

Great photos! Is there anything better than animals? I don't think so.

Dee in N.H. said...

The animals are all looking happy and sweet today! You have a great weekend!!!

Carol Dee said...

Your naighbors have some very lovely animals and FABULOUS babysitters for when they have to be gone. :) Hugs and pats to all...

Helen said...

Thanks again for sharing these lovely neighbour animals; they are all so gorgeous, just like yours. Big hug to all my furry friends. Hugs to you as well. Have a great weekend.

Rufus said...

Thanks for all the pic's of the neighbors gorgeous horses! And the doggies look sweet. They've certainly got the best "babysitters" possible!