Thursday, December 1, 2011

Busy - Busy - Busy... almost all of us

Just wanted to pop in real fast and let you know we are still here! Man is this a busy time of year or what? This week has been one of those weeks where you feel like you are running a million miles and hour but moving in slow motion. Do you know what I am talking about? We are still working on the house - but can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well at least for this project that is.... there is and will always be 500 other things on our to do list. I have had to work extra hours this week, and all of that doesn't leave much time for crafting.

I have been working on a DT project for a Stampavie post this weekend, and it has been really fun and I love how it is turning out. So there is no cards this week... sorry... we are all just so busy this week... the dogs are even tired and been really busy this week. Keeping up with Hubby and I have disrupted their naps all day we are all just so busy..........well not all of us -

Cleatus plays really hard for about an hour a day - the rest of the time he rest up for that hour. Kids have a hard job playing you know.

So just wanted to say HI... sorry for the lack of crafting here and I will be back to crafting as soon as I clear the construction dust!

HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia said...

For posting the pic of the gorgeous Cleatus I can forgive you for not sharing a card!! :) :) :)
It's definitely getting busier all over, I hope & your hubby are getting some rest. Take care of yourselves.

Dee in N.H. said...

Awwww! He is adorable! Just look at those pretty eyes! I agree on the busy part! Where does the time go?

Helen said...

I think all of us crafters are in rush to finish all kinds of things in the house, cards, presents, you name it. My brain can't keep up with me and my to do list. We forgive you for not having a card with this super cutie with his stunning eyes. Hope your construction dust will end soon and you can go back to crafting. Curious about your stampavie project. See you. Hugs.

Cards By MI said...

Looks like a clever boy that goat. Wish I could live like that. :)
Love n hugs

Carol Dee said...

Well since you posted that Really Adorble photo of Cletus, we will forgive you! Just a lt=ittle here and a little there and it WILL get done. You will be so happy you stuck with it.

Rufus said...

I think we all know about busy, busy busy. There really needs to be more hours in a day or more days in a weekend! But for the adorable picture of are more than forgiven! (you would be anyway, but the picture sure didn't hurt!) He's a real cutie pie.