Saturday, December 17, 2011

Animal Crackers - A Hello and a Smile!

Ok, so I have been off a day all week. And am behind. This entire month I have been behind. So I wasn't prepared for today's post ahead of time like I usually am. It was really cold outside early this morning. But I braved the cold just for you and went outside to see if I could get some donkey "noise" for you to enjoy. Normally when you go out to feed every single donkey hee haws and screams until that hay is thrown at them. This morning it was not so loud. Figures... I wanted them to make noise this morning. But I did capture a very lame scream from Ellie Mae. Now remember this is lame... she is normally much much louder and much more longer in her screams.

Oops.. should have warned you to check your volume ;0)

I went over to capture the goats talking... and got this short but totally funny little clip of Peso... now you have to look REALLY close... but he looks over to me and then SMILES! seriously... watch his lips!!!! Darn it is hard to see!...

OH and take a look at how puffed up they are... brrr... Peso is a really handsome man. But as Louie ages he is really becoming stunning. He is cut, and worthless as a stud for us as he is related to all the girls. But seriously, his fur is gorgeous! And he is super sweet. :0)

Now I thought I would share a few photos from my phone this week -
 Here is Hubby getting attacked by all the babies. While all the Mom's were eating dinner one evening this week. Lets see... behind him is Gabby, then left to right, Sonia, Ramon, Estella and behind her that you can't see is Pedro :0)

This is a great shot of Gato... she was keeping an eye over our house projects - 
 The girl loves to sit up on top of things... and the ladder was just too perfect!

Here is a great photo I got of Leticia the morning after she was born... Man this girl is soooo tiny and stunning!
And one more... this is from Hubby's phone this morning. We were making our way around the pens, and he was getting ready to water.. when all hunkered down in the grass was this little girl. Now you have to know... there is no zooming here. She let us walk right up on her and wasn't about to leave her warm spot in the grass.
We have lots of Bunnies here on our property. Neighbors can't believe it as they have very few. But you see, we have many many donkeys. Donkeys scare off coyotes and other predators so we are a safe zone for the bunnies in our area. With all the winter clover, and winter rye that Hubby seeded, they are really happy right now.

Libbie update... we are with in a week or two of puppies! She is wide as she is tall now.. Wouldn't Christmas Puppies be fun?

Have a great Saturday!


Carol Dee said...

Too Funny. Boy it does get noisey at feeding time! The littel ones sure LOVE your DH. ;) Hugs...

LorraineB said...

I think you already are so blessed and lucky to have all these wonderful animals in your life. Can you tell I'm an every animal lover. Not just dogs and cats....I truly love all animals. The videos and photos were great. Hope you have some Christmas puppies!! Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2012 is a great one for you and your husband.

Helen said...

what a gorgeous pictures/movies again. I so love your animals (and mine too of course). Wishing you lovely holidays and all the best for 2012, although I am sure we will meet on the blog before. Hugs.

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh my goodness, what cute pics of your animals. I just love the one of the bunny. TFS.

Rufus said...

Thanks for braving the cold just for us! Love the video/sounds of all the critters. Yes, I def. believe that Peso smiled at you! Oh, puppies......R/