Saturday, March 1, 2014

Animal Crackers - Things that are Happy

Howdy -

Thought I would start of this week with Chica - isn't she just the prettiest Happy dog?

Ok, so right here she was really saying "Common Mom let us inside now, I'm hot" But she is always happy. Love this gal! Even when she is making me crazy! LOL

This was another photo that I loved this week... Scenes like this really make me happy

Nothing is more peaceful than looking across the pens and seeing healthy happy donkeys - The grass is sort of starting to grow a tiny bit so they are grazing again more. And that is a good thing for the buget! Lets all chant at once now.. Spring Spring Spring....

Another Happy photo... Belle -

Not to go into her long story most of you probably know her well... she is the goat we nearly lost just over a year ago, her babies were twisted and she had a bit of a stroke during birthing. She isn't real fast now, mentally or physically. And she most of the time has a sweet smile and a silly look to her, but we love her and her being a part of the family makes me very happy.

Now I am not sure how many goats you can put in a hut and still be happy... Or smell too good... STINKY!

 But still adorable! Not sure why they were all huddled inside the hut as it was a warm sunny afternoon yesterday. Oh well made a good photo! LOL

Thought I would show off Miss Macie for the last photo today - Happy that a baby is coming but she makes me hurt feeling for her...

I have shown you Patti and her wide load... Macie is pretty wide right now too. I am so excited for these babies to arrive I can hardly stand it!! Hubby says he thinks possibly in the next two weeks or so. Although they haven't started showing any real signs so it could be whenever they decided right?

We have a couple coming to look at the donkeys this afternoon. Love showing them off, and we really need to sell a few. But man I get that feeling... Like I should run out into the pasture and scream NOOOO these are my babies! But I can't I have to be a big girl and I know that some need to be sold. And I have talked to this lady and some of her friends and I know if she does end up buying any of our furry children they will be spoiled and loved... almost as much as I do. I will let you know next week if she decides to buy anyone.

Have a wonderful blessed Saturday - I have another post later today for the new Whimsy Release - and then I will be back tomorrow for Gardening Sunday!

HUGS and


Redlady said...

Chica is so beautiful.
I have been away for 3 weeks and the love I got from my little dog Pepa when I got back was unbelievable.
They are such loving little things.

Kirsten said...

Oh dear, poor Macie, she looks like she's getting wider by the minute. :)
Lovely photo of Chica, her coat is beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Macie is a wide load these days. Chica is so pretty in the sunshine. The boys in the hut sure are a handsome gang. hugs...