Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Veggie Time ! Beans are first in !

Howdy -

Well FINALLY Hubby has gotten good weather and time to start getting the veggies in! Yesterday it was all about the beans! And we have lots of them!

Now I can finally start showing you what we have planted - they were so bunched up in the greenhouse!

We ordered our seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. They have a ton to choose from and an easy website to move though.

Here are our beans finally in the ground -

We have two different varieties that we picked. Hubby HAD to have Kentucky Wonders - That is what the old people used around here (grandparents) and that is what does the best. Ok So that was all him talking there on the Kentucky Wonders ... LOL

They are formally called "Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Bean - You can find them HERE on the web site - And to back Hubby up a bit, they do have 4.5 star rating.

Then we chose "Rattlesnake Pole Beans" They are HERE on the website - They too have a 4.5 star rating and I have seen quite a few gardening blogs talk about how much the produce.

And honestly the list of "friends and family" that are lining up to enjoy the garden goodies is getting pretty long so we better produce LOTS! LOL

Today Hubby is going to start getting in the tomatoes, cucumbers and squash! So I will snap photos and have that for you next week!

Have a beautiful day!
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Kirsten said...

I'm now looking forward to these blog posts almost as much as the Animal Crackers ones on Saturdays. :) Great to see so many bean plants in the ground, sending them lots of positive vibes for strong, healthy growth.

Carol Dee said...

I have never seen beans planted around in a circle like that. We have always put them in row. The pole beans on tall fencing. Are those bush or pole variety. If they are pole will taller poles be added later? Looking good.