Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gardening Sunday - A little Heat

Howdy -

Well the Greenhouse heated up this week - we had a couple days of warmer temps and that really heated up the inside of the greenhouse. And heat... that makes thing grow!

The Beans are now at a point where we are going to have to start thinking about moving them up into other larger pots or go straight out into the garden. It is still a bit early to go outside though... so we are leaning towards larger pots. We are gonna have veggies much sooner than "normal"!!

Here is Hubby working in the greenhouse -

You can see the beans are getting huge aren't they? Kentucky Wonders and Rattlesnake Pole Beans.

Back ground are the cucumbers, Squash and such and they doing well too... just starting to see some real growth in the tomatoes finally, they are always so slow though.

Here is a better shot of the fruit trees than I showed last week. There are more blooms now -

 I had a few ask last week about the pink flowers - Those are the peach trees mainly. Those blooms are what we are protecting from the night time frost right now. Don't want to loose them in a freeze then we won't see fruit. We have Peaches - Plums - Pears - Apple - and Grapes in this pile...

Hubby is really getting the ground ready - got a used disk this week for his tractor so it really is starting to look like he is farming! LOL As soon as it is safe things will go outside... I can't wait for some fresh green beans and tomatoes... there is nothing better.. yummy!!

Hope you have a wonderful day - Make sure to enjoy a little nature today -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

WOW, those sure grew FAST! We have never started green beans indoors. Always direct sown. Is it because it gets hot and dry fast that you give them a head start indoors? Those fruit trees are big. We seem to always order the small 2 - 3 foot long STICKS. That take years to produce. Everything is Looking good. :)

Kirsten said...

What a difference a week & some higher temperatures makes! They're all looking great, but I wouldn't put them outside for a while yet, temperatures could still drop by a lot.