Monday, March 17, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Chevrons

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Today is the High Hopes Challenge - and this week it is Chevrons. I did a search to find the exact definition of "Chevrons" - so here is your word for the day ok?
chevron (plural chevrons)
  1. A V-shaped pattern; used in architecture, and as an insignia of military or police rank, on the sleeve
  2. (heraldry) A wide inverted V placed on a shield.
  3. (chiefly UK) One of the V-shaped markings on the surface of roads used to indicate minimum distances between vehicles [quotations ▼]
  4. guillemet, either of the punctuation marks “«” or “»”, used in several languages to indicate passages of speech. Similar to typical quotation marks used in the English language such as “” and “”.
  5. (informal) A háček, a diacritical mark that may resemble an inverted circumflex. 

Now I was glad I googled... cuz it really helped me figure out the challenge and how to work it into my challenge - I took the easy way and just found some paper with up and down V pattern to it. Before that I was really making things difficult for myself and was trying to create a military shield thing and well... it just didn't work at all. LOL So to help you with the challenge ... just use some zig zag pattern ok? 

Here is what I ended up with after I trashed the first project - 

I love this couple! "American Cowthic" are they great or what? I colored with my Copics - then doodled around them. My papers are from Whimsy Stamps and Glitz - I added dots of Viva Decor Black Pearl Pen - and then the sentiment "Cow ya doin?"  also from High Hopes.

Inside same papers from outside -

Copic Colors used -

Fun card with one of my favorite "older" High Hopes stamps - American Cowthic... I crack up every time I think about that name! LOL 

Now pop over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog and see how the DT worked with the challenge and then join us to win some High Hopes for yourself! 

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Carol Dee said...

I love that image. American Cowthic. Hee-hee. Great paper choice for the challenge. Off to look in my paper stash. :)

Helen said...

What a great card!