Saturday, December 17, 2016

Animal Crackers - Happy and Healthy

Howdy -

Isn't it wonderful when everyone is Happy and Healthy? So wonderful! Jolene has started putting on weight and her winter fur has thickened and she will be nice and warm for the cold weather.

She is thrilled to be back with her girlfriends and we are thrilled she is doing so well.

Bella was standing pretty and just looked like she posing and enjoying the warmer day.... weekend is here there a brrrrrr front coming today so enjoy it, cuz tomorrow the temps will be half of what it is today!

Gracie was out enjoying the little warmer day... well that and the soft bed... well ok it is breakfast.. but it is also a soft bed!!

Now Scarlet "Red" was lounging up on one of the huts... such a beauty!

She has had a hard week... she was in "season" and that is like a flashing light for all the other girls to be a bit rough on her. Poor girl. You will be back to your normal queen in a day or so...

Now how is this for a pitiful sad face... "Mom please come and love on my head!!"

No worries.. He is so adorable you can't just walk on by and not love this guy!! My handsome smiling donkey!

And I know I have shown of Moxie quite often lately... but I did have to show one more photo of how pretty she is with her new red collar!

Such a sweet heart! Love this gal!

So who is ready for Christmas? Uh me... nope! Guess I need to do a bit of shopping... and then plan my cooking... then a little cleaning... wow better get busy! LOL

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! Stay warm!
HUGS and -


PaperSunshine said...

I didn't get your email yet today so had to come hunting down your blog to see if you posted! You did and what lovely pictures you have for us today (not like they aren't always lovely!). Yay Jolene! Moxie is pretty with her new color , good color -stunning on her. I am not looking forward to a 3 degree wind chill tonight and tomorrow morning! I hope all of your fur babies stay warm and snuggly!

Lori K

Carol Dee said...

I will take your COLD weather over ours. Brrrr is right. Going to be about 10 below tonight and 13 below tomorrow night. That does not figure in the wind chill UGH. I Plan to stay in and work on getting ready for Christmas. Mostly gift wrapping and picking up the MESS around here. Everyone there looks so happy and healthy. Hurray!