Saturday, December 3, 2016

Animal Crackers - Three is a nice number

Howdy -

Now I think I have talked about in the past how all the donkeys buddy up... they have someone that they always travel with and is their BFF. Sometimes that is a group of three... you know someone to always be the deciding vote on decisions. These three girls are part of the younger generation and are great friends.

Felicia - Gabby and Irene

Such sweet gals - And a great Trio. And another great Trio...

Valentine - Cocoa and Teddy

Now they are more of a Trio because they are what they are and the only three that have the rule of the entire property. Cocoa the female is for sure always in control. Her Son Valentine is a big big big baby and totally freaks out whenever his Mom hides from him and leaves him "alone" (yes she does this from time to time and thinks it is very funny) ... and Ted... well he is ok on his own, but follows just in case he might miss something.

Patti is so bored with my little story...

In reality it was early in the morning and she had just gotten up and stretched and was yawning. Boy I think she needs a toothbrush for Christmas... ewe...

Peso... now this boy has nice pretty pearly white teeth!

Straight and beautiful... LOL shame he smells so bad!

Sebastian came for a picture... oh my when did this baby get so grown up?

Quite a handsome young man too, don't you think?  Love this guy...

Now speaking of loving... Miss Moxie

 Pretty girl got a new collar, one with a large red heart with her name on it! She isn't so sure about it, not thrilled at all... but the doggie box from my lunch... she was very thrilled with that! LOL

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day and my fur babies gave you a smile!
HUGS and


Helen said...

OMG what a gorgeous pictures again of the donkeys; I am still in love with Sebastian. Sure you are good friends with Moxie (I guess you would be my dog's BFF as well if you bring such a lovely box). Have a great weekend xxx

Carol Dee said...

Your fur babies are always so well behaved! Ours not so much. Two days ago he ate SEVEN frosted cupcakes (wrappers and all) right of the diner table. :(