Saturday, December 10, 2016

Animal Crackers - Puff Up!

Howdy -

Brrrrr... Baby it's Cold Outside! So puff up and stay warm! At least that is how my kids stay warm when it gets cold outside.

Now Hubby tells me that Doris isn't cold... she is warm when all puffed up like this. But I was shivering out taking the photos... and that girl has nothing on those skinny little pink legs! Ha! No worries Doris things will warm up a bit this week again.

Two of the young girls were ready for the timer to go off... cuz as soon as it clicks... they have instant warmth from their heat lamp.

And then we will have all the girls including Doris lined up on their pole ready for bed... all toasty warm under that heat lamp. Close enough for warmth, but far enough so we don't get roasted chicken!

Flavio was letting me know that he really would like one of those lamps too please!

He looks so handsome this time of year. Nose and eyes look like velvet. And his fur puffs up so soft and fluffy. Don't you just want to rub those cheeks?

Miss Jill is one of my puffiest goats every winter.

Those cheeks are so full! I love this girl so much. She had such a rough spring, we came so close to loosing her when she lost her baby. I am thrilled that we saved her. Such a pretty smile. And so so so friendly.

Now Jackie.. love her too. But we really must work on her chewing with her mouth closed. So NOT lady like Miss Jackie!

 Still pretty though even if she has her jaws going!

I have a hard time not showing Louise off every week.

There are a few of the lady goats that just love to stop and pose so pretty for me. Super Models. Louise is just so beautiful! Well ok they are all beautiful, but a few of them are always so pretty and clean. And they just know exactly how to tilt their head and pose for me!

Like Miss Chica... girl is also a super model in her own right!

Very rarely clean, but still a looker even when a mess. Wind was really doing a number on her fur, but she still loves it outside. She is ten feet tall watching over the goats and donkeys she can see... on the other side of the fence. She barks and is all in control. Until one of them turns and walks towards her... then she is fast as lightening and on the back porch hiding around the railing. Cute still...

Hope you got a few smiles this week. And I do hope you have a furry friend to love on and stay warm!

HUGS and


okienurse said...

It has been a couple weeks since I have been able to see an Animal Crackers post and I was happy to see all the critters are doing so well! Happy day! Vickie

Helen said...

Adorable pictures again, some of your fur babies are real models, would love to cuddle with flavio and the goats look awesome too, beautiful with these blue eyes. Big hug for your furry friends, will cuddle mine as well. Hugs Helen

Carol Dee said...

It is so cold here. Will not warm up much then drop into single digits next week. Brrrr. Good thing Son and DH have heat lamps for the backyard chickens. Yep, getting fluffy is a good way to stay warm, LOL. You should see what I look like when I go out in the cold. :)