Saturday, July 1, 2017

Animal Crackers - The Boys are Back!

Howdy -

So this last week we picked up two of our boys! Flavio and Patricio are now back home. We sold them earlier in the year. Now I don't want to say that they cattle where they are totally pycho nuts, but well... the cattle were afraid of the boys. Even if the one of the donkeys just looked up at them and took a step grazing, the cattle would bolt and freak out. So they asked us to bring them back home...

They moved back in with the boys in our new front pen. Their first time in the new pasture, and all seems to be friendly and happy. These guys all know each other. So happy grazing going on.. well Flavio is curious on why I was zooming in on him...

He is a handsome stud isn't he?

Speaking of handsome... Now how totally adorable is Doc??

If only he had a hair clip... We have talked about cutting those cute bangs, but I just don't know if I can! Love this guy so much!!! If you could only see those gorgeous ice blue eyes!

Two more handsome young men. Chuck and Hank..

Found these two guys chillin' in their hut. These 1/2 brothers are carbon copies of each other. Chuck is just a tiny bit taller, and he has little eye brows horns above his eyes. Other than that... hard to tell them apart.

Crissy was enjoying a little morning snack of a stick. Not sure how or why she thought it was so good, but she was really enjoying it.

 She is a beauty even if she likes sticks as a snack. LOL

And last for today a calm grazing photo of my 3 standard stooges grazing...

They really were seriously into this area.. They keep it pretty mowed down. And they do look so pretty on it with it all green and nice. Funny we had just a tiny bit of rain last week and we got a bit of green. If we could do that every couple of weeks we would have plenty of grazing for our kids all summer!

Hope you have a furry friend to love on and hug this weekend.
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend. Happy to see you have the boys back! Silly cows, LOL

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

So happy for you to have the boys back!!! I know it was hard for you to let them go :-) I agree with Carol above... silly cows!

okienurse said...

Such handsome men! I loved the boys and I can only imagine how hard it was when you let them go...congrats on them coming back home! Vickie!

Niki said...

Too funny that the cattle were afraid. Glad the boys could come home.