Saturday, November 4, 2017

Animal Crackers - New Family Member!

Howdy - There is a new Whimsy Stamps Post below today's Animal Crackers...

We have a new Family member... and this one is cute, but doesn't eat! Some very dear friends (love you Tony and Yadi!) got us a gift! A very special gift. It is just so US!

This is "Pesado" -

For those that do not know Spanish.. Pesado translates to "HEAVY" in english. And this is exactly what this guy is! These sweet friends. got up early in the morning to stake claim on this guy at an estate sale. Then they have to load him all on their own onto the trailer. This was no easy thing! We knew exactly where we wanted him to be placed. He has a very special place over looking our men's pen in the front of our property. We both grin when we pull up to our gate coming home.....

Doesn't he look fabulous??!!! Thank you again guys... you are the best ever!

I took a bunch of photographs Thursday afternoon. The sun had come out and it was nice weather. The ladies were all up near the house and I snapped a photograph of Darlene that I fell in love with.

Our old lady, she is as they say a 1992 year model. And this photo captures her heart. She is a slow and cautious girl, and has the most pitiful long whine for a hee haw. I think she learned that to make that little cry out to get extra treats and attention. "Dad" put her up in the small pen along with Patti this week, we are going to give her a little extra geriatric equine feed for a few days. Gives her some vitamins to make sure she is at her best. Don't you just want to hug that face?!

Gabby made a move towards me. I am so proud of the adult she has become.

When she was born she scared us so bad. Some sort of short in her connections she couldn't regulate her temperature. And of course she was born in a heat wave. Her temp would got up once to 114! Normal should range between 100-102 so she was HOT! So at a few days old we soaked her down every hour or so in ice baths, and soaked her in cool water constantly. We had her and her Mom Lacey up in the backyard with fans running on them day and night. And Gabby has the rare title of being the only donkey that has spent time in the house. Yep that one afternoon where she got so hot I brought her inside, stood her in the bathtub for cold water and turned down the air conditioner to cool her off. After a couple of weeks she started regulating things better and then suddenly she was a normal bouncing baby donkey everywhere.

Last week I showed you Belle and her long stunning horns. Well I was going to show off her daughter, Sweet Pea's long slender horns... but well...

There is a great benefit of long pointy horns... That spot on your back that you just have to scratch, it is no problem! Wouldn't that be nice? LOL 

Also last week I showed off the little flirting going on with the donkeys... Well check out that silly grin on Peso's face!! 

 This guy cracks me up! Jill was doing a little flirting by waving her tail to Peso. Drives the boy nuts! Snorts and paws at the ground like a fool. I called out to him and I am not kidding!! He turned and grinned at me! Shows off those perfect white teeth like he is so proud of himself! Now that has to give you a grin this week!!

Hope you did smile and enjoyed Animal Crackers this week.  Hug someone furry or feathered!
HUGS and


Martina said...

Wow...what a gift! This looks amazing Michelle! i have never seen a sculpture like this....great idea!!!
Greetings from Austria,

Carol Dee said...

Those are truly great friends. Love Pesado !

I remember Gabby's struggles, she looks so healthy and happy now.

Peso.... well Peso is All MALE for sure. LOL

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

What a wonderful addition to the homestead! Those are great friends indeed!!! Another greet week of pics... cannot imagine trying to give a baby donkey ice baths! I'll have to go back and see if you managed to get pics of Gabby in the bathroom. I'm sure that was a sight! Wonder if she remembers? And if so, what stories she must have shared with the others! Lol! Maybe she decided it was all just a feverish dream ;-)