Saturday, September 22, 2018

Animal Crackers - Sad Puppy Face

Howdy -

I know I have said it a million times... I adore this face. This is Autie's Sad Puppy Face.  It melts me.

Here he was waiting for the girls, Libbie and Chica, to finish their breakfast so he could eat. The boy could be starving and he still waits for his turn AFTER the girls. I have to make sure they leave him a share most of the time. And they usually do... usually. No worries though after I snapped the photo, I said his name, he looked up wagged his rear end and came to me for lovin'. And yes... he had his breakfast too.

Seems Miss Moxie was out a bit late last night...

And she seemed to have some fun rolling in some mud! Ok.. there is mud everywhere here and with Lots more rain in the forecast for this weekend so more mud to stay. Moxie... she must have had a long night chasing bunnies... normally I would say barking at the moon but there was no moon with all the clouds... so it has to be bunnies... Don't worry she will catch up on her beauty sleep during the day. Life of Luxury...

Cocoa wanted to stop and say hi...

Sweet old lady... she too is a bit muddy and wet. Maybe she had a little bath in one of the showers that passed through. Oh and yes... Cocoa has some LONG Ears when you stop and look at her straight on. Love this lady.

Teddy wanted a close up too.... It amazes me how grey he has turned over the years.

Still my sweet greeter and loves attention or food... whichever. LOL

Went out to the Men's Goat Pen... Spartacus actually looked up from his breakfast .... Yes he does have eyes.... somewhere in that fabulous hairdo!

This man has so much personality. He can just look at you and make you grin. But then again within a second he was back to his breakfast.

Wyatt and Chuck ... nope not interested in you Mom. 

 These boys look SO much alike I have to look close to see who is who... and..... well... after zooming in and looking really close it is for sure Wyatt on the left and Chuck on the right. Pretty sure.. yep that is right! LOL


Teddy came up on my blind side and scared me. Then he put his head on my shoulder for a bit more loving... Such a sweet boy!

Hope you have a fun weekend planned. Maybe some furry fun with a pet? Doesn't look like I will be outside much this weekend with all the rain forecasted. And now the mosquitoes are out and since they seem to love me so much I stay inside early morning and dusk for sure! We have BIG Mosquitoes here in Texas you know!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


TA Carbone said...

your love for them all is amazing. How old is Ted E Bear now

Carol Dee said...

I love Spartacus's hairdo!
Everyone needs a Ted E Bear to great company. Such a sweetie.

PaperSunshine said...

Awww I love Teddy’s eyes 😃