Saturday, September 8, 2018

Animal Crackers - Sweet Faces

Howdy -

 I love these faces... all of them. Some have so much personality in just that glance of an eye.

Lacey and Patti have those faces that just make you smile. Especially Lacey her eyes talk all on their own. Patti has expressive eyes too, they just don't have the humor in them that Lacey has. Patti's is all about did you bring me a snack? Lacey would for sure take the snack.. but she is also all about being the center of attention. Always wants to be in the middle front and center for all the attention.. all the lovin'... all they head scratches.. and oh yea.. all the snacks.

Macie her eyes are all about warmth.

Her eyes are so big, expressive and just simply gorgeous. And they just warm my heart...

Olive Oyl - now she had a hard spring, loosing her baby. But she is still a loving sweet girl.

Such a love and now we have to decide how long we wait before breeding her again. If we breed her again. But I so want that line passed down and her sweet personality. I know she will be a loving attentive Mom as she was so good with Domino when he was a baby... we called her Aunt Olive and much of the time we would find Olive sleeping with Domino.

Willie... oh my Willie.

Just like his Mom he is cautious and wants so badly to be friendly and come for loving. He is so close to just going for it.. and once in a while he allows some petting and loving but cautiously for sure.
Now his brothers...

 Yes they know no caution.. they are all in 110% - it is gimmie gimmie gimmie for all attention. We have be be a little more careful with them. They are getting bigger and stronger so those cute little polka dot head butts I use to get from them... well they have some force now. They just don't realize they are hurting they just want all the attention petting and loving they can get... and I try and give all I can cuz.. well how could you not with those adorable faces?

Ok so this isn't just a face shot here... But this little lady looked so sweet and peaceful perched up on her bar yesterday morning. 

 We FINALLY got some rain Thursday afternoon. All around us all week everyone was getting so much really soaking rain. Heck just 15-20 miles from us people were getting 8-9 inches! And we were not getting a drop. And we are just so dry and need it so badly. Then Thursday it was our turn and we were blessed with some decent rainfall.  There is more predicted for this weekend. Praying we get more to help green up things around here more. Its all about rain when you raise animals... we need that rain to keep everyone healthy and happy.

 I hope you enjoyed my faces today -
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Great lose ups this week!!! Thanks Michelle for sharing with us. I really do look forward to it each weekend :-)

Soaring Eagle said...

Just love your animals, especially Wylie. I used to sow Harlequin Great Danes and so love that coloring.

Carol Dee said...

Those are sweet faces. Those baby boys will not be babies much longer then are STINKY ! Ha...
Careful what you wish for! We where so dry here. It would rain nicely just miles away. The yard was brown grass and cracked earth. Then finally it rained and rained and rained! Over 6 inches in a few days. Then just wet, wet, wet. Finally drying out enough to pull those pesky weeds and mow!