Saturday, September 29, 2018

Animal Crackers - Now that is a face!

Howdy -

Fall temps are showing up here in Texas. Yes... goodbye 90+ temps and Hello cooler weather. Now I was out yesterday and found that the doggies were really enjoying the sun that has been hiding for a while and the breeze. Now isn't that the face of pure enjoyment?

Guess it was the perfect temperature and a really nice breeze huh? LOL I love this little Queen Bee... Small and in charge!

OH wait... Chica was enjoying things too.. but with the panting with that LONG tongue sticking out the temperature must be a little to warm for her...

 Now my boy Autie ... he had gotten in trouble for rolling in the wet grass. So he was trying to pull off that "Who Me?" look.

Dirty and grass all over him and he is still adorable. Bath is coming Autie regardless of that handsome cute innocent look. 

Now with all the rains.. we look a bit overgrown and honestly it looks like Spring! Black Jack was playing a little hide and seek!

We will mow soon Black Jack as soon as the tractor can get in and the mud dries up!

Little Miss Louise... She was suppose to be bred last Spring. And for some reason it didn't take. And where is she now? Flirting with the young boys...

Flirt now Louise... we will be trying again really really soon! I really want little babies from this pretty little girl!

And then there is this photo of Chloe. LOL!

Now not the clearest photo, she was really taking care of that itch on her back with those long gorgeous horns! But seriously - do you think that tongue helps?

Hope you got a giggle this week and have a blessed weekend.
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~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Hahaha, Chloe is too funny! Thanks for all the sweet pictures every week. Happy weekend *mwah*.

Jay Jay ♥

Carol Dee said...

Love the photo of Chloe, it made me laugh out loud. Your little dogs are just the sweetest. Libbie was clearly enjoying the cool breeze. :)