Saturday, October 27, 2018

Animal Crackers - Enjoying the Sun!

Howdy -

Enjoying the sun! We have had so much cloudy drizzle rainy weather that when the sun came out the last couple of days... well my fur kids have taken advantage of it and really enjoyed it!

First up my old lady goat Paintbrush..

She was chillin' up on her private deck - I really think she was smiling while I was talking to her. She is such a sweet lady. A total love! And really enjoying the sun here! And she is smiling right?

I found Crissy out finishing up some left over hay from breakfast...

She is so pretty.. even if she was chewing with her mouth open... sigh.. not lady like there Crissy!

Alice was laying up on top of one of the huts. 

The perfect place for some sun bathing... all though I think she was pretty much asleep when I go there...

Darlene seemed to be pretty comfortable as well.. in her "bed" of breakfast hay. 

She stretched out her legs, rolled a bit, yawned and then got up and wanted back into the large pen with all her girlfriends. Private time is so nice, but having someone there to scratch your back is really nice too.....

 She went through the gate and straight up to Macie and I heard a .. Hey BFF you scratch my back I'll scratch yours.... Love these Donkey Hugs!!!

Irene... she found a stick to help out with her itch it seems...

 oh... yea.. that must have been the perfect spot there and felt really good!

Found Willie and Waylan chillin' a bit... my sweet boys... now they have become stinky "men"

Well teenagers.. but same thing. STINKY! LOL

One last photo... Nature!

Now my Hubby is a super man - takes care of me and all our fur and feathered children... My Superman has one Kryptonite.....

He really really really dislikes Walking Sticks. Saves every bug and spider he finds wouldn't hurt a fly... but a Walking Stick... HE NO LIKEY! LOL This little cute guy was on the wall on our back porch... I am so proud... Hubby got around it and made it inside safely and left him to live. He is such a sweet guy! LOL

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend  -
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

LOL Afraid of a walking stick !!!! I Think they are so COOL. So are praying mantis and good to have eat the bad bugs in the garden.
Ahhh Sunshine, Yep after a cloudy spell it is so nice. Enjoy.