Saturday, October 13, 2018

Animal Crackers - What are You Smiling At?

Howdy -

ok... the first photo today is just to make you grin big time! 

Our little Bantam Rooster Red - So little and yet so big and tough! How can I love and hate something so much? I love this little guy, but most of the time he keeps me from going into the large chicken pen due to fear of an attack. LOL I am kidding. But lets just say no one ever goes in wearing shorts, or flip flops! He is just so fierce! At least he thinks... LOL He is in reality hysterical!! 

And now look at this face... Miss Belle. Is that a sly grin or what? 

My simple Belle. She always looks at me with that grin and those front teeth showing.

And speaking of grins..

Miss Chica - I adore that face. A bit pycho.. but pure love. Sweet little Chica has had her allergies kick up again this last week. I hate that Chica and Libbie have skin allergies... We have narrowed it down and think it is certain times of the year with grasses. Not a good thing when you are so low to the ground. So Chica has a smelly medicine lotion on her back in this photo. Seems to be making her feel better with that smile. Then again she is pretty much happy all the time. And if not.. just say "Cookie" or "Green Beans" and she is grinning from ear to ear!

While roaming around I had a shadow part of the time. Old Lady Darlene was in her private area around the chicken coops. She loves her private alone area... and calls out when ready to come into it or join her girlfriends in the larger pen. And she has a very loud long moaning call out!

Sometimes it is a couple of hours after finishing her "old donkey" feed. And others she is happy for a couple of days. Depends on the grass growing, how much she has to tell the goats, chickens and Black Jack, who all neighbor her private area. I love this old lady so much! 26 years really isn't an old lady though...

Now is there anything better than a really good dirt bath?

Oh yea... roll around really good and get that dirt in all those feathers!

Some of the other chickens were just enjoying the breeze and a nice afternoon chillin'

Such lazy ladies! But that is ok most of the time they are just so busy!

One last photo.... 

 Hubby has been working on a new hut... Something... or Someone new is coming.... he he he You will have to wait until next week to find out who...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - Hug a furry or feather friend!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Love these pics. Everyone almost always seems happy there. Lucky Cats, Dogs, Goats, Chickens, Guinea fowl and Donkeys that live with you and hubby. <3 Can't wait to see the LUCKY Family Member ;)

Lena said...

OMGoodness! The suspense! Another lucky Something or Someone to join your happy family :-)

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Aww! The family is growing!!! This hut looks different... does that mean this is something, I mean someone of a different species? Can't wait to find out!!!