Saturday, March 30, 2019

Animal Crackers - Springtime in Texas

Howdy -

LOVE Springtime in Texas! All the colors are so vivid and bright~ Grass is so green, trees new leaves are so bright and the colors of all the flowers are so gorgeous.

Here you can see just the other side of Black Jacks pen, where Jolene and Irene were chowing down big time on some fresh grass, you can see the red Indian paintbrush flowers growing and if you look really close you can even see some Bluebonnets in the pen! Bluebonnets are the Texas flower and a favorite of all -

Fields of the blue can be found all over the area and it is such a beautiful sight, but I also do really love seeing fields of those Indian Paintbrushes -

This is a pasture not far from our road - so pretty!

Speaking of pretty.. Oh love this gorgeous little lady - Spec. Her and Little Bitsy love being coop-mates, they get along so well.

Here they were up on the hut enjoying the afternoon all though the breeze was really doing a number on those feathers! 

Now our Handsome man Alvin was enjoying the afternoon while snacking on left over breakfast.

He is still asking for some new ladies to visit his bachelors pad, but a bit longer Alvin... I really think that we are getting close to moving the ladies out. Thelma is really the only one showing signs of babies for sure... so I want to make sure the other two ladies are not far behind on their dates.

And about Thelma... 

This gorgeous girl, really really really gave me a scare this week. I am sure you have all heard that goats are master escape artist and can get into and out of areas like Houdini... Well I have not figured it out but this last week Thelma got the first half of herself between the gate and the fence that the gap was only a couple of inches! That belly and the back half... well it wouldn't fit! So she was stuck... and she was very very vocal to get my attention to come and rescue her. Her being vocal, made the girls in her pen to yell out... that made the goats in the pen next to them be vocal... and that the boys in the farther pen to be vocal.. and then well the donkeys thought something was up so they called out..all of them... then the chickens decided that the sky must be falling so they all started screaming and all that noise outside made the dogs inside start barking. And well... it was very very loud here. Scared me big time! I had no idea where the issue was cuz I couldn't tell which one was the one that had the original call for help. Figured it out, opened the gate to release her back and "saved" her she stopped screaming, then like dominoes it all calmed down one pen at a time... LOL whew!

Patti was looking at me like can I have some special attention now too?

Always Patti - You are such a love it is a must to stop and scratch that long beautiful nose and those long ears!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - enjoy a furry or feathered friend!
HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

Those poppies are so pretty. Someday I hope to see fields of them in person. Oh Thelma! Thanks for causing such a ruckus. WOW ! That must have been some NOISE. Glad all are well.

Soaring Eagle said...

I just love all the pictures of your animals.

Ginger Shaw said...

Love the fields of flowers.
What a ruckus.
I bet you had a good laugh about it afterwards.
Love the photos of your babies