Saturday, August 17, 2019

Animal Crackers - Just what are those eyes saying...

Howdy -

Is that a beautiful face or what? Penelope is a real looker! 

Those big brown eyes are so sweet. Now Penelope is a talker... the boys Junior and Chipmunk are still chatting loudly about being weaned..  A LOT! and Penelope has been nice enough to answer A LOT! With looks like that she can call out all she wants!

Now these eyes ... Cocoa had some serious thoughts going on here... 

I really wish I could read her thoughts... maybe that was "Can this 100 degree heat just go away now!!" 

Chloe came out of the shade to see me... she has always been a stunning lady.

Hard to believe she is one of my old ladies now... but still beautiful... oh and her eyes... they were asking if I would sneak her some alfalfa... I know that look!

Raffie... my smiling donkey.... This guy is always always always working! Eyes always on the look out.

At this moment he was pacing the fence line "protecting" the ladies on the other side. Well in his mind he was protecting them. We just go with it, it makes him make feel proud and good. But what we don't tell him is that most all those Ladies.. well they can take care of themselves and might even be able to take him on and win! HA!

My beautiful Chica... what is she thinking?

Just sitting in the shade, staring off into the nothingness. Beautiful even when her mind is blank.

Then I looked over and saw this...

 Now what is Moxie thinking? She was laying perfectly still... eyes open, and tail wagging. Happy and Content I suppose. A soft shady spot under the tree, she had just finished eating a "cookie" treat I brought her and just enjoying the moment I suppose.

Now Spartacus... well he had a boo boo a couple of weeks ago...

It happens "Spart".. He has always had those long long long straight horns. Oddly different than most of the others, very little curve to them. They were all him. Well... I guess that straight horn isn't has strong in head bangs with thicker curved horns... cuz well one broke in half. Now no worries I don't think it hurt him, well maybe his pride and ego... but he is doing ok. Just that Pride thing.

Hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend. Stay out of the heat and protect all those outdoor animals plenty of shade and water.  Wish I could bring them all inside into the air conditioning... but Hubby said no...

HUGS and


okienurse said...

love you descriptions of the fur babies today! I think you are 199% right on! Penelope is such a looker and I would bet she is telling the boys not to be such wimps! and Chloe...yep she and Moxie are grooving on all the sweet treats you give them. Hope you have a great Saturday and stay cool!

Carol Dee said...

Always fun to stop and see the animals.

Alexa said...

Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D