Saturday, August 24, 2019

Animal Crackers - Smiling Donkeys Make Me Happy

Howdy -

This week Hubby picked up a few peppermints for our favorite men to enjoy. One a piece though we don't want to spoil them you know. :0)

Flavio decided to leave Dad since he didn't have any more mints and come see if I had any...  Such a looker don't you think?

They LOVE peppermints. but they are sugar so they don't need them very often and only one. But they enjoy them long after it is gone. My favorite is watching them head to the water barrel and suck in the water and enjoy the cool feeling. Oh... and the smiles after they enjoy the mint....

Miguel enjoyed showing a large smile, showing off those dirty teeth...

Of course he was also looking for another mint... as well.

Speaking of looking for more...

 I love the look in Cocoa's eyes... she was standing patiently after finishing every piece of her breakfast, waiting for Jorge to spread his out and have some get a little too close to the gate so she could reach in and get a bite. That look from her was... just keep moving.. I am in line for what ever makes its way to close to the edge!

Cocoa's son Valentine knows better than to approach when she has that look in her eyes. She is in charge all the time, and you don't want "Mom" to get upset with you...  I seen it.. she snorts and her head moves up and down.. Valentine will back off and head and stand a distance away. Gives me a cold chill... remember those looks from parents when in public and you are just about to do something... yep feel that chill... LOL

Valentine is a big boy all grown up, but will always be a big baby. And always follow and obey his Mommy... I love this baby.

Wanted to show you a fun wonderful find this week.

I am helping a friend sell a large box of antique cloth dolls and toys and found this in the box! Oh my I have to buy it right? I think it is 1920's and I adore it. :0) just makes me giggle and smile.

Hope you have gotten a giggle or smile this week - and I hope you have a very blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Oh Boy do I remember the Look. Now I am a Mom and have perfected it myself. LOL The Cloth Donkey is perfect. I hope it is yours now. Have a blessed Saturday and a cooler one like we are enjoying here. :)

Ginger Shaw said...

Just love all your babies and they are so beautiful
What a lovely cloth donkey find.
Hope you are having nice weather.
Here in Australia we are coming to the end of our Winter so our weather is getting much better.

Alexa said...

Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D


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