Saturday, August 3, 2019

Animal Crackers - Is it wrong to be this good looking?

Howdy -

I tell Junior everyday that he is just too pretty to be a boy. LOL He is such gorgeous little man -

 Excuse the toes... LOL This guy is so friendly I have to snap fast before he is up on you and getting lots of loving! Oh my he is so gorgeous, his brother, Chipmunk, is adorable as well... But Junior is just so pretty.. LOL handsome.

Alvin says it is all his genes... Ha!

Yes Alvin - he is your Son for sure! Just as handsome and just as sweet! Love this guy!

And Spec .. such a pretty lady. She really does know it too...

 Gorgeous for sure!

We have all our worry on Miss Libbie this week. And all our total lack of sleep!

She had a very sick belly. And well we will just say she was going outside 24/7 every hour to two hours. And oh my the tears and whining. I just killed me knowing my baby's tummy was hurting. But I think she is finally on the mend and feeling better. Appetite is back, and we all got 3-4 whole hours in a row of sleep at a time the last couple of nights! Please be getting better I can't handle seeing her sick.

Ok.. now last week I said more donkey photos this week... now I was outside twice this week around 8am and already everyone was gone and deep in the bushes. Hubby was out earlier and said a few were around... sigh.  It has been over 100 degrees this week so they are out moving at night and then sleeping deep in the shade during the day. Sigh... don't blame them. So here is a donkey that I did get a photo of.. 

 Hombre ... out large metal donkey in the backyard. He is always standing there - hot, cold, rain, doesn't matter... He was a gift from Hubby years back - and even if he is just yard art he is still cute.

Oh and how about I show you my miniatures collection cabinet. I don't think I have shared it in a long time. And since I add to it all the time it is getting pretty full...

It use to be just donkeys.. then I started finding old goat items that I "needed". What I "need" to do is take it all out clean everything and narrow down and sell all my duplicates or not needed anymore. But well.. that hasn't become high on the priority list. And well.. not really ready to decide what isn't needed right now. :0)

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. I'll keep working on summer shots of my Lady donkeys... Some rain and cooler temps would help for sure! LOL And well... me getting farther out on the property too... Just hate this heat!

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Jr and Alvin are HANDSOME. ;) I HATE the heat too. Last week was so hot I went no place I did not HAVE to go. stayed in the AC for almost 5 straight days! Hope the sweet pup is feeling much better, we do worry about are little ones.

Ginger Shaw said...

Hope Libby is feeling better. It’s awful when our babies are sick.
You have some beautiful looking family
.Hope the weather gets better for you.
Here in Australia it is still Winter so still getting cold nights. Take care.
Love your china cabinet.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

We have a new 10 month old puppy we got from the shelter last month. She eats anything she finds outside... bugs, plants, weeds, grass, you name it. She also gets a few handouts inside ;-) About once a week she gets tummy trouble and we have no idea which is causing it... or if its multiple things. Anyway, canned pumpkin has been my friend! We give her frozen pumpkin cubes whenever she starts having issues and she thinks its a treat. An hour later and the trouble is gone. Works for diarrhea and gas. We were out yesterday and I had planned on getting more today at the grocery store. Nope... she had issues last night... bad! Let's just say it was totally worth a half hour drive to Walmart at midnight last night! LOL I gave her half of cup from the can and froze the rest in small cubes. And we were able to sleep all night without any middle of the night potty runs. If you make cubes, keep them thin as the pumpkin is much denser when frozen than water. And I feel your pain about purging... I did a first level whole house purge last year. Clothes, books, kitchen... those were easy! Kids stuff, sentimental items, photos, craft supplies... those are hard and I still need to revisit those items. Will keep my fingers crossed for you that the weather gives you a break this week from the heat!