Saturday, August 10, 2019

Animal Crackers - Meeting of the Minds

 Howdy -

The "Three Stooges" really do crack me up. Valentine, Cocoa and Ted E. Bear (Teddy Bear) They are given their breakfast each morning and it is nicely spread out for them... but they like to attack the same little pile. Just in case that one pile has the best hay... 

LOL so sweet and funny. 

Found a few of the girls at the water barrel yesterday morning. Jolene was happy to pose pretty and have those ears stand up and show off how long they are. Love those ears...

 Now Irene... she was enjoying that fresh clean cool water. Or at least as cool has it is these days running through the pipes.

Yes... the "cold" water is luke warm lately. But "Dad" makes sure that everyone's water is crystal clear and always full. Drinking good water is important with over 100 degree temps!

Bella informed me that it was too early and she was too tired to up! Yes me too Bella but it was the only way to get to see you and snap photos this week! That yawn was great... and first of 4 or 5 in a row...

Now even really early in the morning it has been loud around here... heck I took the dogs outside in the middle of the night and we still had "kids" screaming from time to time... Lets just say that Chipmunk and Junior are not liking this "manhood" thing and their Mommy now being on the other side of the fence from them. 

 Heck Mommy isn't too happy either but she has started to quite down more and more... as soon as her milk bag isn't hurting anymore she will move on and be happy to not have the two boy shadows.

Libbie wanted me to thank everyone for the well wishes last week... It was a really rough week and had us worried sick as well. But Libbie seems to be all better and back to "her" normal.

 Tiny and in Charge! Blind but still knows all and is guardian of all humans and animals! Love that Little Face!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend and have a furry friend to love on!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Love Chipmunks tail fluff!
The big boys are a handsome trio for sure.
It is almost 10:00 .m. here and I am still yawning. Going to be a lazy Saturday ;)

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Perhaps instead of the 2 Stoodges, they think they are the 3 Musketeers and need to attack the food together! :-) Super sweet that they enjoy being close together! Irene's ears are so petite in comparison to Jolene but both ladies are beautiful! I'm with Bella... I don't do mornings! SO glad to hear Libbie is feeling like herself again!

Alexa said...

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