Saturday, September 14, 2019

Animal Crackers -

Howdy -

This week has been relatively quiet... time to sit and reflect on things I suppose? 

 Miss Chica loves to sit outside in the morning sun and watch the goats. Of  course from a little distance and with a fence between them... after all she is only a tough girl when she knows she is safe. Such a beautiful girl .

Speaking of beautiful I finally got a photo of Penelope showing off some of her grey...

Funny it is almost like she is hiding her spots from me, she is usually always facing the other direction. But not this time Penelope! Such a pretty girl... a bit nuts like her Mom but beautiful too!

From Young Beauty to Old... Old Lady Darlene... we have a routine with this Old Gal... 

Every morning she is at the gate to be let in to eat her special geriatric equine breakfast, a spot of hay and see her buddy, Black Jack,  through the fence of course. They are both in their late 20's after all... Darlene as much she thinks she should have a baby... she is retired. Anyway when she is done she bangs her head on the gate and wants back in with her Lady friends. Well most days .. some days she spends lazy time in her private pen. Here I had let her back into the pen and she always looks back as if to say thanks... I'll be back in the morning. LOL

Then I went over to young boy goats pen.. Chipmunk was jealous that he didn't get a solo shot last week like his twin brother. 

 This little guy "Chippy" as we have started calling him... he is a sweetheart! Totally a love!

Hubby snapped this photo for me... he was out watering and this guy came by to say hi!

 Hubby had a little chat with him, then warned him to run and hide before Moxie woke up and found him... we don't like that to happen .. well it is best for Bunny if Moxie doesn't know he was visiting.

Had to end today with a bit of color.... Things are so BROWN here now. HOT and most all things are dried up and dead. But Hubby has some of his roses planted in the back yard in pots (have to stay away from the Donkeys of course)

 Love this little pink rose.. it has dark pink spots that make is just so perfect!

Hope you have a perfect weekend planned where you are and make sure to hug a furry friend!
HUGS and


TA Carbone said...

Michele how old are all the dogs now. I remember when you 1st got them and when the puppies were born

Carol Dee said...

Happy Saturday Michelle. Love my time visiting you all on Saturday mornings. Have a wonderful weekend and give each furry kiddo a hug, pat or scratch from me.

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Jessica said...

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