Saturday, March 7, 2020

Animal Crackers - Wonderful Weather

Howdy -

It has been gorgeous here the last couple of days - and the "kids" have really enjoyed the nice temps and sunshine. I went out to take photographs yesterday and Domino was in a full trot to come and say hello.

He is such a looker... and so hard to get photos of. So when I get a shot of him running in the breeze it is a good day! He is more like this normally...

He likes to be the center of attention... and right up front for close ups as you can see... LOL

I turned around and found my two freshly bathed doggies... enjoying the sun laying in a pile of dead grass and dirt... sigh...

They are still cute!

Libbie was in the shade enjoying the sounds and the breeze.

It upsets me that she is so blind now, but it doesn't really slow her down too much, a few bumps on her nose from bumping into things, but she still gets around and takes control of everyone. I love this little girl so much.

Chatting with my girl chickens... this lady was like a statue... just watching the other chickens and not moving...

 All she needs is a cute hat and a pretty purse she is just is like royalty.

Then Miss Guinea .. never still, never calm. Always gotta move, gotta talk, gotta keep going gotta yep gotta keep moving...

She is so hard to get a photo of, she is seriously a blur all the time. LOL funny to watch though.

Then also hard to get a photo of... shhhh be very quiet and look close...

A huge hawk landed in one of the trees. They are Royalty for sure! As long as they aren't looking at any of my kids, and just taking care of mice and such I enjoy seeing them. They are so graceful and beautiful. You do see it right? LOL

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and enjoy a furry or feathered friend.
HUGS and


Ginger Shaw said...

All your photos are beautiful especially Libby. Dogs often adept quite well to being blind and so long as she is happy a few small bumps are to be expected.
Yes I can see the hawk in the picture. Special royalty’.
Thank you so much for the lovely photos and thank you for sharing.

okienurse said...

Love All of
today’s photos. Libby is still as beautiful as ever! I getting a little bit dimmer vision wise too! Sitting out on the patio yesterday I I heard a screaming squawking noise and looked up to see a hawk carrying something that was a little to heavy for it and it didn’t want to let it go. Hope you have a great week! Weather is suppose to be nicer except for the threat of a severe storm!

Carol Dee said...

Well now How did I miss a week? A belated Hello and happy to see all the critters. Hope the hawk left soon and empty clawed.