Saturday, March 21, 2020

Animal Crackers - Furry Smiles

Howdy -

With everything going on in the world enjoying some furry smiles is my happy place!

We had a rainy day yesterday... and we all know that goats believe they will melt if they get wet.. LOL But during a break of the rain they all came out, it got noisy and they were letting "Dad" know it was safe to feed... but do it fast before the sky starts falling again! Crissy was up on her hut calling out loudly!!! HURRY DAD NOW!!!!

As you can see Cocoa had been out in the rain and doesn't have the fear of getting wet... but the poor baby got into some mud and got a rock stuck in her hoof... she was three legging it to come up and get her dinner.

No worries.. Dad rescued her and cleaned her hoof and got the rock from her foot. She is a little bruised but isn't limping nearly as bad any longer.

Now Gato was enjoying the relaxing stay at home day. Oh wait... that is her day every day!

Problem is that yesterday she seemed to think my desk chair was all hers. And every time I got up, she jumped into my chair and curled up. I gave up and just let her have it...

With the time down right now we got a jump on Spring for us. We normally don't get to bring in chicks and start the garden until our Spring antique shows are done. But since we are stuck at home Hubby decided that it was a great time to get a head start on things... so first up on the agenda was to get some chicks! We wanted to get some last fall but missed the short supply and didn't get any. You see some our girls are getting a bit old and so we need to replenish with some younger girls so we can keep up the eggs!

Oh my I could stand leaning on their tub all day. They are so cute! And I think they are growing and changing by the hour!

So fuzzy and cute!

 And then also the Garden gets in at a normal time instead of late like normal ... Hubby got a few tomato, bell peppers, squash and hot peppers. Still need a few more things to be happy... but this is a good start and hoping the weather will cooperate and we get lots of veggies!

I hope you are all healthy and safe - and this all passes soon - And hope that my fuzzy furry kids help you and bring a smile!

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Thank You for posting HAPPY , love seeing the critters. Ah the life of GATO :) We are still about 6 weeks away from being able to plant the garden. Our last frost date is May 15th. Baby chicks are always fun. What breeds did you get?Stay well.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Thanks for the smile! The cute chickies made me smile really big! Here's the same, until the middle of May we can't plant any veggies out into the garden but of course I also started the season (early) and sowed some carrot & spring onion :) And planted a lot of spring flowers into pots. I need the color these days. Stay safe and healthy ♥.

Jay Jay