Saturday, March 28, 2020

Animal Crackers - FINALLY!!! Meet Hanna!!!

Howdy -

Last Sunday morning Hubby and I thought it was probably THE DAY for Bella. She was pacing around and twitching... started showing contraction signs early afternoon. And we thought yes! She is going to deliver in the daylight! We can take nice photos and get a good night sleep after a couple of long nights before.

Nope.... She decided to wait until after 10pm to really get going, so it was a late night. We pulled out a couple of chairs and sat on the far side of the pen from her to give her some space. When the time came... she made her way across the pen, and literally fell at our feet to start labor and delivery! She wanted us to be right there with her. Nervously we cheered her on. Bella has had some rough births in the past. But just like a text book delivery... a beautiful baby appeared, birthed and then sat up and shook her ears! NOTE the "SHE" ....

Yes meet Bella's daughter - HANNA !

Now we all know every baby born here has their day one photo with "Dad"... We were up as soon as the sun came up to see Hanna and take her photos!

Love how proud Bella was of her little girl! And "Dad" was pretty happy and proud too! But my favorite part of this photo is that Hanna's Daddy Black Jack is in the background... He was proud and happy too... LOL

Now as you can imagine it has been hard to accomplish much this week... here we in "Quarantine" and have so many chores to catch up on... but all we want to do is play with adorable Miss Hanna!! She gave a little scare her first 24 hours as she had a issue and wasn't doing well at all... but finally she got past it and now is a little pistol! Full of energy and pushy just like her Mom Bella. 

Seriously you can tell this little girl has LOTS of personality!

We are in LOVE with "Hanna Banana" as we have been calling her!

 I know you are falling too aren't you? ADORABLE!!! Ok, now I think I need to get a hug from the sweetie!

Hope you are all safe, healthy and happy - Have a blessed week!
HUGS and


TA Carbone said...

Congratulations she is beautiful

dragonfly60 said...

Oh my goodness she is beautiful!! I would love to have her to help me through my quarantine lol. Congrats.

Martina said...

Oh how cute!! She really has personality!
Greetings from Austria and stay healthy!

okienurse said...

Congratulations on Bella's delivery being textbook this time! Beautiful baby girl Hanna! Yes I love her already. This quarantine/shelter at home is already old but I am more afraid of getting sick then being bored. Stay safe. Hugs.

Soaring Eagle said...

Oh my gosh, she is sooooo stinkin cute. Just love her,

Carol Dee said...

OMG Hanna is ADORABLE , I could never get anything done! But what a great way to be stuck in quarantine! Be well. See you next week. ;)

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

*So* worth the wait!!! Absolutely adorable with all that fuzzy hair! We're all so jealous that you are quarantined with that cutie! You definitely will not die from boredom!!!

Lena said...

What a fun way to be in quarantine - to be loving on a cutie like Hanna! She's adorable. Glad both momma and lil one are doing fine.
Stay safe and healthy!

Ginger Shaw said...

She is absolutely beautiful.
I would never get any work done. Would just like to sit and watch her and Mum all dad
Congratulations to Dad as well.