Saturday, April 10, 2021

Animal Crackers - hot afternoon

Howdy - 

Not sure why Miss Jennifer was sticking her tongue out at me... but she seemed to think it was appropriate. LOL 

A pretty lady, but boy I wish she was a little friendlier. She wants to, she thinks about it, she walks towards me... then someone else charges towards me and she gets skittish and runs off. sigh. Maybe the tongue is out at those running in front of her! 

I was then having a chat with my super model Gracie. But she wasn't interested in my conversation... she had an itch that needed to be scratched. 

Boy those long gorgeous horns do come in handy at times! Oh yeah thats the spot! 

It was hot when I was out talking to my "kids" It said 99 degrees on my weather app! Seriously! Well the chickens misters are not up and running yet this early in the year, so they decided to move their water bucket and get it to spill out some foot cooling water to walk around in... oh chickens. One was making proper use and cooling down with a nice drink though. 

Found one of my old ladies snoozing a little in one corner. Some of girls are really getting old. 

She is still pretty.. her coloring shimmers in the sun. 

Now for some this isn't a rare sight. But for Hubby and I in South Texas it was exciting to see these three visitors from far away enjoying a rest and a bite to eat in a pasture not too far from home. These three Geese were so gorgeous. Sorry for the distance but I was zooming best I could with my phone to capture a image of this trio. 

Another bad zoomed photo... Our newest family member, our mysterious kitten that is growing up quick. We think she is 5-6 months old now. We have named her "Tuxedo". And even though she won't let us close... we are getting closer each week. 

She sat very still and watched me and when I would pick up a foot to take a step she would wiggle to take off. If I put my foot down and stayed my distance she would sit down and watch me. She is so funny. And seems to be adapting and living here very well. She prefers underneath the goat pens, but we have found her in the hay barn, the garage, and the back yard. Sweet kitty. 

Now the first veggie plants of the year. I don't know if Hubby is going to get in a big garden this year, we've been so busy. But he did get in some tomatoes a couple of weeks ago and they are getting really big. 

Now common on tomatoes! Yum! 

I hope you have nice weather where you are and can get out enjoy some sun... and love on a few furry or feathered friends! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and 


okienurse said...

beautiful photos of the animal babies! 99° WOW! It has been almost 85° here and getting warmer but not that warm. We have tomatoes in the ground but not that big yet...Most of our small garden is planted and I am going to garden center this pm to buy the plants for my flower beds. Hope you have a great week. Tuxedo kitty is gorgeous! Hugs

Ginger Shaw said...

Must be Tongue out Tuesday.
Maybe she will eventually get used to you . Love Gracie’s horns. Could do with them sometimes. Especially when I try to rub oil on my sore back.
Hope hubby’s garden keeps on flourishing.
Take care.
Love the name Tuxedo

Carol Dee said...

99 is too hot for me. But yesterdays constant rain and 48 was cool and yucky! Those tomato plants look healthy. You will be enjoying fresh tomatoes very soon!