Saturday, April 3, 2021

Animal Crackers - Sweet Beautiful Faces

Howdy - 

What sweet faces. Sweet Beautiful faces.  Jorge was being still for a great portrait shot.

It is so hard to snap photos of him, as you get very close he pulls his head out of the fence and flips around to put his ... ahem.. rear end towards you for scratches. But I actually snapped a couple of shots, and scratched his head, and even a kiss on the nose. Then suddenly... boom rear end for scratches coming at me. too funny. 

Calm, slow, sweet Pavo. He use to be soooo skittish and you couldn't even touch him most days. 

But since living in with the ladies as a gelding he has started approaching and letting us love all over him. Well at least until one of the pushier girls decide he needs to move back. And he is a gentleman and does just as they request. 

Walking back towards the house Thelma came running towards the fence for attention. She was alot like Pavo...skittish and cautious. 

But then she had the twin boys Alvin Jr. and Chipmunk she decided we are safe and she actually enjoys the lovings we offer. 

I found Ted E. Bear and Valentine enjoying the fresh green grass out in front of the house. 

This was a favorite of Teddy - My handsome standard man... I then approached Valentine for some hugs and a few photos.

And my favorite of Valentine. 

I think the photos of my fur babies during early Spring are my favorite. Bright green grass, beautiful blue sky, all the colors so vibrant. And with modern cameras... wow! Well it helps that Valentine is so handsome too, right? 

Hope you enjoyed the happy colors and my fur babies this week. They love visiting you each week. :0) 

HUGS and 


okienurse said...

beautiful photos this week. I am so glad the cold weather is almost over! I have a cat like your Jorge...he will let you scratch his ears a minute then here comes the butt...I woke up the other morning with him laying on my head and yes the minute I scratched the ears here came the butt! Hope you have a Happy Easter! Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Have a lovely Easter Weekend. Enjoy the fur babies and give each an extra scratch from me ;)

Karen Page said...

Always love seeing the furbabies... especially the donkeys! Hope you and the whole farm have a wonderful Easter!!!

Ginger Shaw said...

Look forward every week to the photos of your gorgeous babies.
They are all beautiful in their own way.
Wish I could meet them in person but your photos are the next best thing.
Thanks for sharing.