Saturday, October 30, 2021

Animal Crackers - Beautiful Morning Faces

Howdy - 

Last week I shared photos of my morning feeding with Hubby... I snapped so many photos in the cool early morning that I just had to share more this week. It is just not often I get decent photos of so many of my fur children. 

 Jolene and her daughter Josie was standing off by themselves. Josie is always right there with Momma. 

Josie is just as beautiful as her Momma Jolene, but she looks 100% like her daddy Black Jack. And I think she is going to stay even smaller than either of them. Such a sweetheart, just like Momma. 
Once the herd of ladies moved off to the Breakfast circle. Josie took a minute to come and give and get some lovings - 
She really is so stunningly gorgeous! I am so in love with this little girl! 
Looked up and across into Raffie's pen, where a few of the Ladies are living for a while to get bred. Lacey and Vicki were posed at the gate waiting for their breakfast.
OH please let those wide bellies be babies growing in there! With Mini's they always look heavier and have their grass bellies... but once a baby starts getting some size while growing in Mom they do get unbelievably wide. These bellies do look hopeful though!! Lacey gave us our handsome little boy, Big Al,  last year... Vicki didn't get pregnant at that time for some reason. SO wanting a baby this time! 

A few shots of the goats now - Sweet beautiful Crissy - She is one of Hubby's special girls. 


Calm but very sweet - She really is beautiful - and how can you not love that perfect LONG beard? 

Another special little girl - Lucy - I say girl loosely there ..

Our first baby goat here many many moons ago. Now she is one of my old ladies. Don't you just hate when you are so tired... or lazy that you just have to rest your head on the fence panel? LOL Love you Lucy and you sweet under bite smile - 

Speaking of smiles. Peso - he is a world class smiling goat! Here he was trying hard to get me to grab up some of that just out of reach green grass as a snack until Dad got to his pen with breakfast...

 Of course Peso... always will stop and spoil you! And I gave three handfuls... as it was going to be at least 5 minutes until Dad would get there with breakfast! Wouldn't want you to starve - and fresh picked is really so much better. right? ha! 

Hope you enjoyed again this week - and have a smile on your face! Maybe not just like Peso's smile, but a smile! Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

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PaperSunshine said...

Love your pics and your fur babies! I can’t wait every Saturday to see them 😊