Saturday, October 16, 2021

Animal Crackers - Silly Silly Silly!

Howdy - One of my favorite things about all our "fur children" is all the personalities. Serious, Friendly, Quiet and SILLY! 

 Fancy Pants for sure falls into the SILLY grouping! 

 This photo was one of a dozen I took of Fancy Pants - she was being really in your face with me. I couldn't get anything like a pretty portrait of her. She was just laughing at me and shoving her nose into my camera. Love her! Silly Girl! 
I snapped this one of little kitten Ferrari - she loves to pose for me and my camera! Teaching them early!! The kittens are doing wonderful and yes Hubby and I are getting very attached to them. LOL -
Now I believe last week I talked about how Momma Cat Tuxedo and big brother Shadow had appointments to get fixed.  Well it is done! Now it wasn't easy... LOL Tuxedo made things interesting. HA!

She was caught in the trap - remember she is major super skittish, anyway, caught her. She escaped while loading her up. Caught her again the next night... but we missed the appointment. Called around and finally found another fabulous Vet that would take them both that day. A fabulous Vet. Did a great job, we brought them home and had a large cage set up on the back porch for a recovery home. Big worry was the heavy storms coming in and they had to stay dry.. and especially Momma she had major surgery and needed to be limited to her running around and staying clean and dry! We got them put in with all the needs they ever could want... SHE ESCAPED!! Storms coming and she was out there! Hubby reinforced the huge goat cage. We set up the trap again - canned food and a tiny bit of cat nip inside... no way she would fall for it a third time right??? Well the cat nip was a new addition in the trap and evidently it was more than she could resist... we caught her within the hour! How she is so smart to escape three times... and so dingy to be trapped three times in a row I have no idea! But she was put back into the recovery area safe from the storm. They are not thrilled but they are safe and will be released soon enough and even better they are both FIXED and have had their shots so they are good! And I think maybe a little bit friendlier. Shadow is already allowing petting and talks to us. Tuxedo... just that serious stare and once in a while a little hiss. I think she really likes us, but has to put up a tough front.

Speaking about not thrilled... LOL 

Daddy was really busy this week, so Mom gave baths this time! Love the look on Autie's face ... really Mom YOUR doing this to me? Yes sir... your dirty and need your bath! Chica and Libbie was even more upset about the bath - no photo snapping with them though I had to keep both hands on them! 

We had lots of rain with the storms that moved through - flooding too... Not in the goat pens but you would have thought so with how I found Chipmunk the next morning... Ha !

Remember goats hate to get wet... and that includes feet. Stud Man huh? big baby! LOL But very handsome for sure!

It was a long loud night and Patti was snoozing off by herself. Old lady seemed pretty tired. While walking out there her eyes were actually closed and head hanging a bit. But she heard me coming and woke up a bit.

My miracle girl Patti. I so love her. Years back she was bit numerous times by a copperhead snake. Had huge lumps all over her chest and stomach. Doc didn't think she would survive. But after weeks of care she pulled through and has been good ever since. She is a strong Old Woman!

Hope you enjoyed this week and a little silly in your morning. I love my goofy fur children in all their personalities! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Soaring Eagle said...

Oh my gosh, Shadow is so beautiful, and of course the kittens are absolutely adorable.

Martina said...

Wow...what a beautiful cat Shadow is!! And I love the view of Autie...hee, hee =)
Have nice day!

Carol Dee said...

Chipmunk is very handsome. Silly Momma cat. to be caught THREE times. But glad she is fixed and safe.