Saturday, March 12, 2022

Animal Crackers - Lovin' our furry family

Howdy - 

This week I thought I would lead off with Juliet... our standard among the minis - Lol She loves her BFF's in the Ladies pen. Literally watches over them. ha!

She is such a blessing to our "family" she has the same pushy affectionate personality as her older brother Ted E. Bear. Love her! And she has her own fan club!
 Sweet Pea was finishing off breakfast but making sure I was not there to feed some sort of special treat. You even notice that the food, treats is the number one priority for them? My kids for sure!
She is such a funny goat. Not super friendly but not totally 100% psycho. She has her grandma's eyes... Lillie was one of our first four goats and we miss her. But I do see her in Sweet Pea from time to time. Wonder if she likes oatmeal cookies too? Her Grandma use to snort and beg for them... hmm need to make some and see if she is the same. 
Got a couple of shots of the NON-Twins. They are not twins.. but 1/2 sisters from two different Moms but same Dad. But seriously they should have been twins.. they are so hard to tell apart unless you are looking straight at them. And honestly at times they have been confused.. LOL 
Thelma - 
And Lizzie -

Both are beautiful! 
And another Beautiful... oh my! Our youngest little girl Josie! Talk about personality! 

Don't even think you are walking by her without giving her some attention! She is so little and so gorgeous! 

Walking back to the house Jose was snorting and just begging for a little scratch on the end of that gorgeous velvet nose! Of course Jose! You always get that lovin'!

Last photo today... Now donkeys do not like dogs... coyotes is what they think they are. They HATE Coyotes! I'm ok with that 99.9% of the time. But we adopted a neighbors left behind dogs years and years ago and now she is a very important member of our family. Moxie... She knows that she has limitations.. There has to be a border that can't be crossed. 

Hannah is trying to learn that Moxie is a member of the family, but her instincts are to chase down. She is young.. she will learn that Moxie is safe. But I'm glad Moxie knows to stay clear of her. That right there is about as close as Moxie will get. Smart Doggie! 

I sure love these fur and feather kids! Dogs, Cats, Donkeys, Goats and Chickens! Our funny furry family! 

Hope they brought you a smile this week. Sharing them with you brings us all smiles here! 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Thanks for this week's SMILES. Smart dog Moxie :)