Saturday, March 26, 2022

Animal Crackers - Handsome Man


This week I went I was out checking on the "children" and enjoying the warmer sunny weather.  First I headed out to talk to the Momma's to be... but was stopped and watched the handsome "Daddy" - Raffie or excuse me formally Raphael. He is my Smiling Donkey - and he really is a handsome guy isn't he. 


The Moms are all looking good.  Some pretty good bellies on Vickie and Lacey, Pepita not as much. Not out of the normal for a first time Mom but we have tried to get her bred multiple times with no results so I am not holding my breath... 

Hoping for a spotted baby girl this time. We need a baby girl with spots! You would think it is a for sure with Raffie and Vickie - but we have gotten a couple of solid babies from these two spots. Maybe this time!

Oh my Miss Hannah... this little girl really does try hard to get ones attention.

She is adorable though. And we love her to pieces even as silly as she is. 

I spent quite a while outside with the fur children, the weather was so pretty and warmer, and then suddenly remembered that I forgot that Libbie and Chica were outside - oops.. 

Chica was not happy... she thought it was to warm, my spoiled little girl. She could have been laying nicely in the shade, but well... that spot

Yes the Queen has claimed that spot and is very comfortable and didn't seem to want to share with Chica. My this old lady is funny. She is always in control! 

Last is a photo from my Kitty Photo Shoot last week - Porche this week. 

 Calm sweet Porche. Oh she plays hard, but compared to the other three she is more independent and you can see she is always thinking and studying the things going on around her. Sweet Pretty Porche -

Hope you have a smile - And I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. 

Hugs and -


Carol Dee said...

Happy Saturday! I always look forward to visiting and seeing all the fur-babies. Can't wait for babies :)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going well with the babies. How exciting.
Send pictures.

Unknown said...

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