Saturday, April 2, 2022

Animal Crackers - and a few more

Howdy - 

I had a few more photos from being out the other day - I just had to show them as well. Pepita and Lacey moving towards me, Pepita you can see does have a little belly.. but is that a good hay belly or baby? A month or two more will tell us - Now Lacey.. hmmm yep leaning towards a baby there!

 She is really a wonderful Mom - She takes such good care of her babies and really watches over them well. I do hope maybe this time we get a girl? Oh Big Al is stunning, her last baby BOY... but I really need a new spotted GIRL! Yes I know I say that a lot! But I really really really want a spotted baby girl!

While out with the Mom's I heard a little "baaaa" Miss Penelope called out. She is so beautiful and sweet. I snapped a photo and then bent down at the fence and sure enough she made her way over to me for some head scratches.  Love her coloring! 
The last two photos today are from my Kitty Photo Shoot again - I had so much fun with the kitties that morning. The sun in the windows was so pretty - and I bet I took 50 or more photographs. This was my favorite of Ferrari - 

I adore the whiskers and the pink bottoms of her feet. She is so tiny compared to the other three. Beautiful. 

And handsome ... the only boy of the group. My "trouble" kitty. Silly Sweet Cuddling Mercedes.

He is really a joy, oh yes panic at times with his inquisitive nature. We do love him... and all three of his sisters.

Hope you have your Saturday smile - This fur children really do bring a smile to us - so much happiness. 

Hugs and -

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Carol Dee said...

Happy Saturday wishes. Love seeing the fub=r babies and yes, they make me smile.