Saturday, April 23, 2022

Animal Crackers - Moving to new bachelors pen

Howdy - 

 We finally moved Domino into the Bachelors pen next to the lady goats. Peso's old digs. It was weird but I just had hard time with moving Domino too fast and needed to give missing Peso and his pen some time. But now Domino has claimed his spot and is loving being up near all the ladies to show off his handsome looks!


Seriously... he is handsome and we all know it! Most of all him. HA! 

I went out mid morning thinking that everyone would be done with breakfast and I could snap a few photos. Well the ladies were still chowing down. Slow but enjoying their fresh hay. The only girls that would look up were Patti and Juliet from this group. Wouldn't stop chewing... but did look up enough for a short pause and a snap of the camera. 

I had to snap a photo of Bella even though she wouldn't look up at me. She is just so pretty.

She always looks like she is wearing perfect eyeliner... mine never looks that good. 

Just as I was going to walk off, my two youngest girls, Hannah and Josie came up, silly Josie.

I was rubbing on Hannh's head and Josie decided that all attention must go to her. She kept pushing and shoving Hannah back. Now I can't show attention to her when she is not being nice so I backed off a step and this was the look I got. Ok.. so cute does get attention and I loved all over her and Hannah best I could... they are so funny. 

Then had a chat with Lucy. Our old lady - she was just so calm and comfortable enjoying the morning breeze and chewing on what was left of her breakfast. Sweet old girl.

Moxie then rushed up behind me. She is so funny as well. Look at that little grin. 


I called her up she let me rub all over her... then flop. Yep belly was in need of a good rubbing as well. This girl loves belly rubs! And she gets all she wants! 

Before heading in I stopped to smell the roses...

 Hubby's veggie garden is really growing this past week... but his roses also are enjoying the Spring! He spent an entire evening clipping back, cleaning and fertilizing them last week, they are already showing off their flowers for us! They are so pretty! 

Hope you have a smile this week, and we all here hope you enjoyed our furry family - 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Happy Saturday Afternoon. We are finally getting warmer temps and weather favorable to prep gardens and flower beds. The Rose is Stunning. All the fur babies look happy and healthy. Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

So enjoy your beautiful photos every week.
They are all so cute you can’t pick which is the cutest.
Hope you are all well.