Saturday, June 3, 2023

Animal Crackers - Just 5 Minutes!

Howdy - 

 All though a little warmer it was a beautiful afternoon here yesterday - I was "getting ready" to head out and take photos of all the fur kids... ok I was moving slow.  And realized that earlier Hubby said he was going to feed some of the new alfalfa to everyone today... I booked it outside and I was 5 minutes too late. All faces were down in the fabulous feed. 


I couldn't even get Gracie to look at me! And she is my super model that always will at least give me a glancing pose. NOPE! Well her long horns are still beautiful ... even face down she is beautiful. 

Jorge was watching "Dad" distribute the good stuff to the goats very carefully. Sorry buddy just coastal for you - keeping a watch on the extra pounds. LOL he is a handsome man isn't he?

And so nice to get a photo of him with out him shoving his nose in my camera and face! 
Moxie was right at my feet everywhere I was going. Making sure I knew she was available for head scratches and photos if needed. More the head scratches, but she got both. We have really been keeping a close watch on her lately. 

Our "neighbors" come and go and are not always there. But when they come out it is always something to watch out for - this last week it has been some sort of new dog they brought out. It seems to be ok for it to come over here and bark and chase all our animals. More than once Hubby has gone out all hours of day and night to chase it off. I worry one of our animals will get hurt or... that their dog will get kicked by a very traumatised donkey then we have to deal with that. Not happy with their dog but don't want it hurt. More unhappy that they just sit there and watch it all happening like it is just fine. And poor Moxie has been in hiding any time she hears that dog - I'm not happy here! But vent over... Moxie has been wonderful and stayed out of sight and away just like a good girl should! 

Chicken photos are impossible with this group. Once I pull out the camera to take photos they all run to the end of their nursery and huddle. I go do something else come back and they are all roosting around propped up cute and I slowly take out my camera... and this is all I get.

This little one is so pretty... Right now just calling hopefully her "Bantie" and praying it is a she and not a he. Banties are the only ones we got that have a chance of a rooster being in there - all the others are nice getting big hens!

Went inside to a quiet house - everyone was napping. McLaren gave a little meow.. then a huge yawn and then put her head back down for the rest of her cat nap.

Man I wish I could have one too... sleep for me kitty ok? 

Hope you have an Animal Crackers smile again this week - Me... off to get ready to go with Hubby and get another load of hay from the fields - gotta fill that barn as often as they cut to keep our kids fed! 

Have a blessed weekend - HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

So sorry you have neighbors that won't control their dog. :( Can you call someone in the county to talk to them? There must be laws about letting pets run at large.
I mowed lawn early, already too hot and humid. I am ready for a nap too.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed yesterday. Thank you so much. Love you both.

TA Carbone said...

We to had a neighbor who did this. They would just let their dog rom and there were a few times during the night when I thought my shepherd was going to go through the glass door to get at this dog. He traumatized my dog all the time and the owners never did anything. Found out he oul go to other neighbor and do the same thing. The owners didn't cre they got a good night sleep. No matter how much we complained to police and animal control nothing got done. It is hard when living in the country to control this.