Saturday, June 10, 2023

Animal Crackers - Spread your Wings!

Howdy - 

This was moving week! The "little chicks" moved from their small little nursery to the small coop! Lots more room and space to spread out and enjoy things! 


Hubby did such a great job getting the small coop ready for the little chicks. Doing his best to critter proof it and make sure it was safe and that no chicks can get out as well. They seem to be loving it even if the old lady chickens are watching their every move. 


Honestly they wanted to know what the chicks were eating ... that chick feed may be better than our adult feed you know! 


They seemed so small for so long but honestly they have grown a ton. Even those tiny bantam chicks are bigger!  But still have the size of the other chicks! LOL 

We are very excited that one of the little "banties" looks to be a frizzle! Such cute feathers all over her legs and curly feathers coming in everywhere! Love that! 

Now I had a long talk with Old Lady Darlene and asked her to please keep a close watch and keep the little chicks safe from critters as she shares a fence side with them. 

Not sure she cares too much about the chicks... just make sure her old people food keeps coming and she has shade for the hot days coming here. It is tough being an old lady in this South Texas heat! We will have to spoil her and make sure she gets lots of lovin and shade. Maybe I need to talk to Hubby about getting her a fan out there? I would appreciate it if it was me... 

Now we have some other babies here on the farm... sigh... A few weeks back Hubby found a feral cat out in our hay barn ... she has a group of little new born kittens hidden. I stressed BARN cats to Hubby, he gave me a sad face and I stood my ground and said NO MORE INSIDE CATS. I love ours but we are all full here in the inn! He went out a few days later and they were gone. Then a week later... the Mom had moved them across the farm to the garage. Sigh... I stressed now they are GARAGE cats... he laughed and has been taking out food to the Momma ever since. 

So fast forward to this week. Guess what we found on our back porch this week? And playing in the back yard?? 

I know adorable! But stand strong... NO MORE INSIDE CATS.. LOL there seems to be 4 or 5 kittens and man Mom is teaching them to be stealth like and run fast! Most all photos I tried to take are kitty blurs! But this little gray striped one seems very curious and likes to stare back at the window we are in. LOL

There are two orange stripes - this was the only photo I got of one taking off to hide somewhere in the back yard. 

Man they are cute - but they are Farm Cats - outside Farm Cats! Mom will teach them to live, hunt and be strong out there. And of course Hubby will be providing kitty chow as well I am sure. LOL 

Hope you have a smile this week - the babies always bring smiles! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Martina said...

Oh, what cute little kittens! I have two ginger ones and I also love the pic of the one tiger cat...soo sweet! But I can understand you, as I also have four cats inside the house...
Have a nice day!

Carol Dee said...

Are you sure you can't take in anymore ;) LOL
They sure are cute. Excited to see the Bantum feather out. I love Frizzles. Have a wonderful week.