Saturday, April 13, 2024

Animal Crackers - HUGS

Howdy - 

Yesterday I approached Cocoa and Valentine as they were enjoying some Donkey Hugs... and scratches. But Cocoa always cautious stopped and kept an eye on me. Always gotta keep a watch on "people" I know I'm "Mom" but still have to be on guard. We have no clue what her early life was ... but from the day we have had her she has been treated like the Queen around here. But its her personality to be cautious and jumpy... so we think maybe not so nice.

Now Valentine - He is my big baby and usually will always let me get some lovin' 

As I was talking to Valentine. Jealous came up - Teddy was trotting fast at me. He is suppose to ALWAYS have first head scratches. ALWAYS

And as I told him - if he hadn't been in the back trying to sneak stray pieces of Alfalfa from the goat pen he would have been there to notice I was out giving attention. LOL It was all good he got lots of scratches, and then I realized I now couldn't touch anything else cuz he is was one sticky donkey. Why? I really don't want to know - sigh Lots of soap and water are needed!

Moxie and I have had a rough week. This dog is spoiled like royalty. Fed the best, Bed on front porch, and when we had the ice storm and lost power and water for days a few years ago.... we nearly froze to death, but Moxie was toasty warm on the porch under gas heat lamps. She is a very timid girl when it comes to doing anything "to her". Medicines, picking her up for any reason, looking at boo boos whatever - It is a loud NO. Not sure why, but she just is that way. We talked about making her an inside dog once... she would freak out. She got closed in the back yard once and nearly had a stroke. She owns this property and loves to roam on her land with all HER animals. This last week she really HAD to have her Flea treatment. I sent Hubby out with it behind his back in one hand and her breakfast in the other hand. Heck I even added some of my Boars head Turkey meat to the plate! Well she got her treatment - flew off the porch and then I worried all day as she would not come anywhere near the house. Usually she gets upset for an hour or so... but she was really mad and even that night would not come anywhere near me at all. She always comes to see me! I was sick to my stomach and nearly in tears cuz she hid from me all day and I imagined she ran off for good. But Hubby came home that evening and she finally showed herself. 

She was still a little upset with me the next day... but at least she would let me love on her a little before she ran off. And you can see the look on her face. That is not her normal happy smiling look at all! I'm taking out chunks of chicken to her for dinner so that should help a little bit maybe. 

Went out by the chicken coop, and Guinea was standing still!!! Not running the coop fence at all. She was just standing there in a group of the chickens to see if I was bringing dinner... sorry Dad will do that later Guinea... But I did snap real quick! She is getting pretty old now... But still doing good and loves living in with the chickens. Oh and then she starting running the fence again -

Chickens are finally doing great at their "JOB" We have lots of gorgeous eggs in blue and brown. Late bloomers, but happy now! 


Oh and I thought I would show an update on Hubby's Tomato Plants. The rain this last week has really given them the right stuff cuz they have jumped in size big time! Can't wait for fresh Tomatoes!!

Hope you enjoyed - I guess you are still out there enjoying? I wondered the other day if anyone would miss me showing off my kids each week? Hmmmm

HUGS and


TA Carbone said...

Never miss your Saturday posts for years now. The one time you didn't post I still contacted you if everything was ok and that is when you told me about your mishap with your eye.

Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Yep, never miss a week looking at your pics and reading your stories! Thank you for keeping us entertained with your fur babies! Hugs, Lori K

Karen L. said...

I almost always start my Saturday morning with you and your animals, so yes, you would be missed.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

I paused some weeks but now I'm back! I always love to read your "animal diary" :). Hugs, Jay Jay ♥

Hilda Shaw said...

I’ve been following your page since before your accident.
I look forward to seeing all your babies and hearing your news.
Please keep doing it.
If I could work out how to put my photo in the comments I would but I don’t know how.
Take care