Saturday, April 6, 2024

Animal Crackers - Spring Fever

Howdy - 

Its that time of year - sleepy afternoons snoozing in the shade.

I went out mid morning to take photos... most everyone was just totally snoozing in their favorite shady spots. The weather was gorgeous, and honestly if we had a comfortable place for me to lay back I think I  would have joined them.

Sergio was totally snoozing and not even noticing that I was out watching him. 


It is his favorite place in the afternoon - shade from the tree in the back corner - he can see our direction to the house, and then the back pen where all "the ladies" are grazing. 

Alvin Jr. "AJ" was completely out. 

Even had his tongue sticking out while he was asleep. I stood there a while... I think he was snoring! He was very comfortable for sure!

Now Jorge's spot is right up at his gate. Large tree and his best spot  to keep a watch on things. I couldn't sneak up on him though. He was way to interested in some scratches and attention. 


We had a little chat about how nice it was outside. All the green grass, his velvet nose and how much he loves his nose rubbed, and of course how totally good looking he is. 

Hubby sent me this photo early in the week. He was headed out to feed and check out everyone. Heard a meow, but only saw Cocoa under the tree. It wasn't until he got right under the tree the meow sounded off again and he saw big boy Grey Beard posed just perfectly in the tree.


Been giving lots of attention to Miss Chica. She really has missed Libbie, but I think she,well all of us, are trying to get use to the loss in the house. And honestly the quiet. We were so use to Libbie's time schedule. Her snoring, her coughing, her barking and how we set clocks to take her out very regularly. Chica now looks at us as if to say really... out again? I don't have to go but alright.... 

Pretty old puppy ... love her. 

End off today with Hubby's roses - WOW they are all popping with color. He kept asking did you show these? What about these? They are all gorgeous - but had to only pick one photo for today ...

He gave me a funny look - I reminded him it is called "ANIMAL" Crackers... LOL 

I do hope you enjoyed today - Things might be calming down a little bit around here... ready for some calm spring time to get some things caught up and enjoy our fur babies more. 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Tell hubby his roses are lovely and I would like to see more of them! ;)