Saturday, April 20, 2024

Animal Crackers - Take Time...

Howdy - 

Oh I wish you could smell these. Hubby's roses are just stunning right now. These are HUGE - and smell so pretty. 

We should all take time to smell the roses in life. Hubby... the growing of his flowers of all kinds is his taking time and enjoying things. He sure makes our back yard pretty with his passion of flowers. 

And then Little Dude yelled out... How can such a small little rooster make so much noise? And how does he have the energy.... you can find him calling out 24/7. 

He is such a handsome little man. And very proud of all his ladies. All though the look on her face I think she really would like the screaming out to stop for a while!

Please Please make him stop!!! LOL

Darlene was standing near me and then she screamed out. I really do need to try and capture that on video. She has such a pitiful long call. Please Mom find me feed and bring me some treats... Pleeeeaase?!!!

Oh sweetheart I would if I could but Dad is very strict on making sure you eat the best. He will feed you dinner soon of your favorite high vitamin mush.... And she did get that really soon. 

Now I headed out to the ladies pen to snap some photos... decided I would walk out into their pasture and get some good photos of them out grazing. But before I got there decided nope... drizzle started up and it was just nasty outside. So maybe later. 

As I was coming back into the back yard I saw movement in the geraniums. Careful... keep walking slowly. Don't spook her.... get camera up and try and capture a photo... 


This is Mom Cat. The outdoor Mom of the three outside boy cats.  She is starting to almost think about calm down. And maybe trust us like her boys do. And lately she will sit in the yard and let us talk to her and walk by her with out totally flipping out and running. That is big progress for her! She is such a tiny pretty little kitty.

To finish off this weeks photos I was coming into the kitchen and found Bubba sound asleep. Snoring sound asleep.

Odd.. in the winter they will lay in front of the refrigerator. The warmth of the vent underneath. But now? And in that position. That boy is just so silly. He was snoring away .. I said his name and he stretched and yawned and looked at me like "What? - Why are you waking me up?" Funny boy - 

Hope those girl donkeys come back up later so I don't have to walk in the mud out to them. But I am going to get out to see them! LOL but hey they are really enjoying all the fresh green grass so I guess it makes sense why they don't want to come up to see me. Food is priority. 

Have a blessed weekend - SMILES from our furry kids. 

HUGS and

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Niki said...

Beautiful roses! I imagine it will be too hot there soon. Your rooster and chickens are too funny!