Saturday, November 22, 2008

Five Heads are Better than One - Donkey Day!

Well you have heard that 2 heads are better than one... this morning I had FIVE little donkey heads all together. We clean and fill the water buckets every morning. They love the "fresh" running water, and this morning we had all 5 little ones with their heads in the bucket trying to get the streaming water. Are they cute or what?

It was a tough week this week here on the Donkey farm. Yes we are on pins and needles waiting for Darlene, and no there is no baby, and at this moment no sign of a baby today. But this week was also weening week for Rosie, Lina and Lola. All three girls are so close in age that we waited until they were all of age and then moved them from their pens with their Moms to what we are calling the kids pen. The same pen that Coffee and Toffee have been living the Bachelor life. Well watch out boys... three teenage girls just moved in. It is so traumatic. Not for the Moms, in fact we didn't even have one Hee or Haw from them when we took their children, the girls all went with us just fine and it was actually fun for them until they realized that "hey Mom didn't come too?" Lola was ok after just a few hours, Rosie was cool too... she just was a bit timid because she didn't know anyone in the pen. But poor Lina, the last of the three I expected to be upset... well she is still pacing the fence line 4 days later. She will calm down at some point and accept her new place, but she wants back into her home with her Mom! The photo of the 5 heads in the bucket above is actually all of these kids in the pen. Lina, Lola, Rosie, Coffee and Toffee. This photo is when we came out this morning, they wait at the edge of the pen for their good mornings. And this is Rosie as we were walking out... she is my talker.... she is my girl.

You knew I had to have a Freddie photo. Hubby loves to take his holding the baby photo and he wasn't happy with the one we took last week. So we did a retake. This little guy is gonna be sooooo hard to sell, he is so funny and will be a talker himself as he is already trying to get a real Hee Haw out. But we can't keep any boys... Man he is handsome... I am talking about Freddie here, but Hubby is pretty cute too ;0)

And then I have a photo of Gloria. I know a few of you are attached to this precious little girl. She is a mess. Yep no dainty girl here. I am constantly picking things off of her and trying to brush out her hair. She just goes back out and rolls in stuff all over again. You would never know from here that she is a black donkey would you? She is, just like her Dad, Black Jack. Mom is a dark brown and is a beauty herself (standing next to her here) But Gloria is a gorgeous black color, and now is a sun bleached red... How funny is that face. She is a bit lonely right now, her play partners Lina and Lola moved out... she is now waiting for Darlene to give her a new friend to play with.

I do have a card for today... well not really a card - I have been seeing some of these accordion cards on other blogs. Well I wanted to try and make one, I just forgot to print out the measurements. So I winged it, and I am pretty happy with how it came out. I used my Score Pal and just folded where it made the card work out to a 5x7... then made the folded pieces to turn it into the accordion. The front I decorated with a piece of Petunia Vellum, and a odd piece of pattern paper, looks like it is all wrinkled up don't it? Well it is just printing that way... cool huh? The image is a RAKed Hanglar image colored with Ranger Distressing Inks. Embellishments are felt flowers with glitter brads, a Heart snap from Heidi Grace and a white ribbon to tie it closed. Doodled the edges and ta da - I think I may have to make more of these! Perfect to send those RAKed images out... or gift cards for Birthdays.
Ok that is way long enough today - whew! I am going to now go and visit some blogs and then hopefully have some craft time - yea Get Inky! Hope you do too!
HUGS and-


Happy Crafter said...

Awe great pics Freddie is adorable and cant wait to see darlene's newbaby too :)
I love your accordian card looks fab will have a go at one myself.
Val xxx

Suzanne said...

Oh these donkeys are jut so cute!! i would have to keep them all I would be hopeless. Love the accordion folder and the papers are gorgeous and great image too. Sue :o)

TA Carbone said...

Again nothing like ending the week with beautiful pictures of your extended family and fine art. Freddie is so cute and I know I wouldn cry when it is time for him to leave the Donkey Farm :) Those legs are just beautiful.

Ok now Michelle we need to see a picture of you with your babies


Jilli said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! You are sooo lucky ... I can only dream about being surrounded by such beautiful animals. BTW the card is stunning too, love the colours and the image is cute. Jillix

Anita said...

Cute photos! TFS! Beautiful cards!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Haven't you told Darlene that there are people all around the world waiting for news??!! :) :) The photos of your babies are wonderful. They are all so cute, but Freddie is my favourite - and I LOVE his stripy 'socks'. The accordion cards looks gorgeous, especially the backing paper. Kirsten.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! I love Saturdays on your blog with all the cute donkey pics - those babies are just so cute! and poor little Gloria certainly needs a trip to the beauty parlour - I know just how she feels! You made a gorgeous card today too with that cute H&S image - enjoy the rest of your weekend - and I have a couple of awards on my blog for you too!
hugs, annie x

Nancy said...

OMG...Freddie is ADORABLE! Love all your donkey pics and stories!

Something for you on my blog.

Janet said...

i love looking at all the donkeys:) I wish i had one:(

Rach said...

Michelle i love your donkey pictures and your gorgeous card...wonderful. hugs rachxx

Heidi said...

Michelle, that is an absolutely beautiful picture of Freddie, you can see his feet so well. I think that if we lived closer and had room we would buy him in a second. It seems his personality would fit in with our family too- rowdy,loud and funny!

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Oh Michelle the donkeys are just so gorgeous! Freddie is indeed handsome, how i wish i could have a cuddle of him, and that little Gloria, is so pretty what an adorable little face, no wonder she is a favourite amongst blogging friends. THe card is lovley too Michelle! hugs Linda x

Karin said...

Hi Michelle,

They girls and I are enjoying the great pictures of the donkeys every saturday.

I love the litlle folder. Great colours and such a cute image.

Have a nice Sunday,
xoxo Karin

PaperSunshine said...

Awwwww I want Freddie! He is so precious! Look at that sweet face, and I love his coloring and "rings" of course! Goodness, I don't know how you do it. You really think you are going to part with this one? Yikes! So I go to your blog for the Magnolia cards and do I comment on them? NO... I comment on the donkeys! Whoops, sorry, I do love your cards too :)


Ila said...

Your card is Gorgeous Michelle..I love it!!
I have to say though that these donkeys just can't get any Cuter..I just love looking at them and your photos are just Wonderful....Thanks so much for sharing!!..Hugs, Ila

ribenaruby said...

Great pics of Freddie, so cute! Shall have a go with this accordian card. Super creation!

Lim said...

The cards it's beautiful and your little donkeys are the cutest!!

Anonymous said...

Your project is really cute, but I just LOVE your donkeys!!! They are so precious! Wish I lived closer. I'd bring my boys to your place for a field trip ;!

Diana said...

Dont sell your little Guy waaaaaaaaaaay to cute ..I want him lol
your folder is wonderful I have the directions ..Im still working on that card ..

thread-bare said...

Fantastic card... must have a go at one of these xx & your little boy freedie is adorable xx