Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Stamp Storage System... and DONKEYS!

Alrighty... I said I would post some photos of my new Stamp Storage System. And since I didn't get a card made last night AGH!!! I spent the entire night fighting with the computer.... it still won't find the printer and then it kept locking up and freezing!

I won't go there now .. happier things. This is my new "Stamp Keeper"... I love it. Since getting into unmounted stamps and acrylic stamps I have gone from notebooks, then to CD and DVD cases, to the wonder Stamp Monkey storage system. I love that system, but because I have limited space and they have no lids I was having a lot of problems with them, and not that my house is dusty... LOL...but my stamps were getting dusty... and I had to figure out a new system.

So I went to the office supply store and purchased this box. It is called a "CARD KEEPER". Very appropriate don't you think? It came with these great plastic dividers. I then took old card stock and cut pieces to fit inside... 7 1/2 x 9 inches. Then laminated them. I was really lucky... the Purple Cow Laminate Machines was on sale 50% off I had really been wanting one, and this was a great excuse.

I love it!! They stack, as they are made to fit the feet on one into the lid of another, they are sealed now, no dust... and let me tell you a TON fits into one box! Now I won't tell you I have 4 boxes full and need a few more.. Nope you won't get that out of me. Oh this system will be mine forever... My precious stamps are safe, and don't take over my entire space!

Hope it might give you some ideas!

Now it is Saturday and that is time for Donkey photographs. I went out last night and got some really sweet photographs...

First up is Rosita, I have had a few people email or leave comments asking about my baby Rosie. She is my sickly girl. Poor thing just has not had the healthiest start on life. But I am happy to say she is doing great, and seems to be really good. She is actually old enough now to wean from her Momma Lacey, and put into another pen with some older ones, but she is in the same pen as the younger Irene, and for the first time in her life she is playing... running... chasing... and talking all the time! I just can't move her right now. I am hoping I can wait a couple more months and then move her with Irene when she is old enough to wean. Just an FYI... that is a piece of hay on her face I interrupted dinner and she was walking over for our nightly hug.

Now how about some of my Spots. You have seen a lot of Patti and baby Irene. These are my other three spots. First is my second stud Jack.. Raphael, or as we call him "Raffie" He is a sweet little guy. Very small and very impressive. We purchased him when he was only a week old, and got to bring him home with the loan of his Mom when he was only a month old. So he is really bonded well with us and the rest of our donkeys. He is only about 30 inches tall, great for breeding small donkeys. His coloring is classified as a Red/Brown and White Spot. Handsome dude huh? Oh and he is Rosita's Dad... go figure big bucks to get spot babies and our first from him is a brown... but I love her!

Next is a girl Victoria... I have showed her before in group shots, she is a really hot shot donkey. Her Dad and Grandpa are Blue Ribbon champions, and she is gorgeous. She is a Black and White Spot... really rare, although most of the year her black fades to a reddish brown. She has the most amazing green eyes! She is my Momma that lost her baby last spring, so this next year when she delivers I may be sleeping in the barn with her to make sure all goes well this time. She is a real love.

Then my last photo for today is a pet... yep he has no purpose on our "business". We purchase RICO as a friend for Miguel, as he was lonely as the only guy in a pen by himself years ago. Rico was already gelded, I don't think I would have done it as he is really handsome. We purchased him also to rescue him, he was a single donkey at a home with a young boy that I personally think was tormenting him to death. He was so scared and afraid it took us over six months just to pet him! Now he is the first in the pen to come to the gate for lovings and he screams hello every time he sees us come out the back door. He still runs from us if we have anything he is unsure of in our hands... tools, hats, bags that kind of thing. You come with a carrot bag and he is right there in seconds!

Funny story here - my sister came over this week, with out the kids as they were in school. It is the first time she was out in a long time with out them, so when we went out to see the donkeys I opened the gate and let her go in, I don't let the kids go in when they are here, as they get really excited and her youngest squeals and screams while laughing and it tends to freak the donkeys out and it scares me the kids would get hurt if the donkeys bolted and kicked. So when they are here they pet and feed through the fences. So my sister hasn't gone in the pens in a long time either. She was so funny.... She looked at me and with a shocked face said "They are pushing me trying to get loved on" "They are so friendly" I didn't know why this surprised her at first then realized every time she is here the kids work up the donkeys with carrots and treats then all the movement and screaming.... so she had never been around them as they are all the time. Sweet and pushy for attention and petting. Then she looked at me and asked how I kept them all straight and knew who was who. I said "Don't you know your children on the playground?" Well my children are just 26 all in one place! LOL
And don't forget my Magnolia Vs. Stampavie Blog Candy from Donna at Crafty Krafts Click HERE to see it and join in!
Hope you have a great Saturday, have some fun planned! Get Inky...
HUGS and-


Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

gosh sweetie.
you really have done an amazing job with that!!!
i love love this!
iam looking everywhere for the stystem you told me about how you store the copics. aaahhh.. you are so clever.

could you post a pic on your blog too? i would print that out and take it to some stores to see if they can help me finding it


ribenaruby said...

I have enjoyed reading this. What a wonderful thing love is, and you share that amongst your donkeys. Have a great weekend.

christina d said...

I love the stamp storage. I'm going to look for something like that. The donkeys are all looking good. I'm glad that Rosie is doing so well.

Line said...

Thank you so much for sharing your storagesystem!! I've in desperate need of a better system (well, I really don't have and you might have the soloution to my problem :D THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Saturday's and all the pictures of your kids! Having had horses most my life, I understand how you feel about them, they are the loves of your life and you know the very soul of each...

Please, never stop talking about them and showing how wonderful they are!


Where did you get your stamp boxes!

Michael Lockridge said...

Your donkeys are beautiful! I wandered over from your comment on Donkey Dreams. I am always delighted by the crafty sites. Such wonderful work, done with such dedication. And yours has donkeys!

Thanks for sharing!

Heidi said...

Your spotted donkeys ARE beautiful. Oh my, and you have 26, guess I did not know that! WOW.
Ok, now give it up girl, how did you get the hanglars. I want to know. LOL!
Uhem, did I miss a baby story?

Heidi said...

Michelle- I saw your post on my comments: I am glad I didn't miss the baby news- I have been waiting. This must be fun, I know having puppies was (I mean, when my dog had puppies- I personally have never had puppies!) LOL!

Cynde said...

Michelle I just love all your writings, About your love for the donkeys, around your place, all your crafty things you do. I love that we can see all your beautiful Babies and cards!
I too have had horses, and other animals, all my life. Not anymore though, so I do enjoy hearing of your babies! I'm so glad rosie is doing better and finally playing and kicking up her heels. I think you are very wise keeping her with her new Bud until they both can go to a new pen. Considering her past and headed into colder wet weather and all..
Sorry didn't mean to go on and on.
I truly like the storage system you are using. May have to check out availability of similar container.
Thanks for all your inspiration and happiness for the Soul.

retiredheather said...

I love learning about your babes. They are truely a beautiful animal. What a fantastic way to store stamps. I can hardly wait to go find something similar. I wish I had as many stamps as you do. What fun.

bumblebee creations said...

your donkeys are sooo cute!! It is so neat how you have them all named and how you explain each one of their situations and "personalities"! (That doesn't look like it is spelled right)? Thank you for sharing it all with us- I really like the photo of victoria!

Heidi said...

This storage system is so great Michelle. thank you for letting me know. Hope I find something like this in Norway too.

Love the donkeys - they are sooooo cute

Hugs from

diane zechman said...

Your storage looks great! I'm glad you found a way that works well for you!

Annie said...

that looks like a great system for your stamps - I have several on the go but need to do something about the bulging Magnolia folder! love the donkey pics, that Victoria is a real beauty queen! hugs, annie x

Suzanne said...

Great storage might have a go at this I will only one!! Lovely donkey pictures again they are just so sweet. Sue :o)

Donkey Lovin' Woman said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Donkeys are such the best, aren't they? I've got minis and mammoths and adore them more than any animal I've ever owned. I surely appreciate your handling of them with your nieces and nephews for example, and loved your sister's reaction. LOL. YES, they are love bugs in the BIGGEST way. My favorite moments of my last 10 years are all around those wonderful longeared friends of mine, with DH of course. :-) No problem can not be solved by a visit to the donkeys. And we have one like your Rico in that she had once LOOONG ago suffered some scary treatment and even I, who she trusts most of all can't walk up to her with a strange object in my hand. That just makes me all the more happy and honored when she comes and snuggles up to me for some lovin on. I'll have to mark your blog as we have both donkeys and crafting, not to mention Texas, in common. :-}

DawnMarie said...

You know, that award I gave you is just soooo true, I totally Love your blog Michelle, I've been a bit poorly over the past week or so and reading your blog always makes me smile and feel better so Thank you for that. Your storage system is fantastic, I've not got as many stamps as you (yet) but am always looking for great ways to organise and store my stamps and this system looks great, thank you again. Glad all your babies are doing well, they are all gorgeous and I don't mind telling you that I'm quite envious lol, thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven with us. Hugs DawnM.x

TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle Saturdays Donkey Day update was fantastic. And Victoria is just beautiful. Reminds me of my Freckles but she was an Arabian Appaloosa, lol


Deb Wood said...

Great idea!! I have a couple of these!! Adorable donkey pics, just love them!

Heather Huggins said...

Awesome idea Michelle!! My notebooks are taking over my space. If you don't mind which office supply store did you get them at???

Carla said...

I just bought five of these boxes! I am going to copy you!! Thanks for the terrific idea! Oh, your donkeys are adorable!!

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