Saturday, November 13, 2010

Animal Crackers - Their Eyes are Open - and they are starting to look like Puppies!

Libbie and Auties little worms now are really looking like little puppies! They were just so tiny when born - but now, they are packing on the weight and moving around, their eyes have opened, their ears are starting to grow and they now have that adorable puppy breath when you hold them close. :0)  Common, you know you love puppy breath.... LOL

Here are their two week old photos..... We got tired of calling them Puppy #1, Puppy #2 and Puppy #3. We don't get to officially name them, the new owners will do that, but well - we have nick names for them now :0)

Puppy #1 - the tri-color Female.  We call her "Chica"
 She is the smallest - I think she is going to be a tiny dog like Libbie. She is the calmest and is content to just stay in one place and sleep.

Then their is Puppy #2 - a Blue Merle Female -  We call her "Mini Libbie"... LOL
She is still the biggest of the three - Not only does she look like her Mom... she is talkative and loud like her Mom. She talks the entire time she is eating, which is a lot of the time!! The moves around a lot and again like her Mom she is the leader of her little group.

Then our surprise puppy - Puppy #3 - A Tri-color Male - We call him "Dude"

He is a typical Guy - Takes his place of the eating line, can fall over and sleep in any position... Loves to sleep on his back with all fours up in the air! LOL And he is very curious - moves everywhere and has escaped from the crate many more times than I would like to admit. Because of him we have pulled the crate out of the puppy pen, and already put the mats and fur blanket on the floor. Now if he wonders away from the girls... he can find his way back to them.

We have a great Pen set up in my Craft room. Looks like a play pen for puppies - so they are safe, and contained. Right now we leave the door open as it has about a 6 inch lip on the bottom that Libbie can hop over and go in and out. Once these guys are bigger, that will have to stay closed or I will have a real mess and puppies everywhere I am sure!

Watching these puppies get bigger and grow is a miracle and just amazing. But it really has gotten me to think about how God plans things, and the fact that some animals are born still needing time to grow and depend on their Mom, and animals that are born in the wild and need to run from a predator are ready to pop up and run....

Donkeys.... I didn't get new photos taken this week. Was already dark and misting when I got home yesterday and well... it was just to wet and cold to go out just after the sun came up this morning - so how about if we look at a few of this years miracles?   A review of Babies this year of sorts....

Alonzo - March 2010 - This guy was Lapping the pen within 45 minutes of being born! This is why he is named for a race car driver! He now lives at a neighbors house, if fact we visited him last night... He is a very happy little guy - with his three other friends... Frio, Coffee and Toffee. I love selling my babies to neighbors so I can still see them all!!!!!

Lydia - May 2010  - - - OH MY I Cannot believe Lydia is as old as she is! She is ready to be weaned and moved into the youth pen, she is as gorgeous as her Mom and just as sweet. 

 Paco -  June 2010 - I have very few photos of the first month of this guys life! Makes me so sad - He was born just a few days before my accident. Hubby played with him a lot so he is really sweet, but just not the huge album of photos....  He will be really hard to sell, but as a boy he has to go. He will be our first spot that we sell.
 Felipe -  August 2010 - Lots of personality, and just a joy to watch in the pen. He is always looking for something to play with - his brother, his Dad, a stick don't really matter...

 Jorge - September 2010 - He is going to be a really small guy - short and compact like his Mom. He has tons of personality, and LOVES attention, even if it means grabbing your shirt through the fence and not letting go.... yes this has happened, now have a hole in one of my favorite t-shirts... but is is ok with me, he is too cute to get upset with ;0)

 And our last baby so far this year -
Marisa  - Sept. 2010 - Sometimes I wonder if she was born full grown - she is just so darn tall! But absolutely STUNNING and obnoxiously friendly. We talk about if she will be sold, we know she should be, as we can't keep all the babies... but man... she will be tough. Will have to be the perfect home - I will make sure of that!

 Hope you enjoyed the puppies, and the little trip down memory lane of babies... sorry I was so lazy and cold this morning and didn't take new stuff for you - I don't know if we will have any other babies this year... will be close, as we just are not exactly sure when Darlene and Bella are due, they are both very hard to tell when they got pregnant - I am thinking end of January or into February... but you just never know with these two - especially Darlene, she likes to trick us every year!

Have a wonderful Saturday and can't wait to show you my Dust it Off card tomorrow!
HUGS and-
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Diamond Doll said...

Awwwwwwwwww I want one, arent they just adorable,i,ve fell in love with Dude it,s a good job i,m in the UK lol! what a fab surprise he is.Loved the memory Lane pics too.
Trish (-:

Yvonne said...

Lovely pictures again! The puppies are being real little dogs, with their eyes open. Adorable! Very nice memory lane you made of the donkey babies. Yvonne

Kittie said...

Michelle, those little babies are just so darn cute. I wish I could hold them. And yes....I love little puppy breath, too!

LorraineB said...

All of the babies are so beautiful. I know it's a business and I could never be in that business. I just wouldn't be able to part with everyone and eventually, there would be no room for people, just animals - lol. I know how tough it has to be to part with them for you. Knowing how much you care for them I know they're only going to people who will treat them well.

Anita said...

Super cute! TFS!

Danni said...

The puppies are so so cute!! and love looking back at the baby donkey's too!

Heidi said...

Michelle- it was a wonderful trip. That Alonzo is just gorgeous and I can only imagine you love havin him so close.

Those puppies are adorable but then again, what puppies are not. YOU have to show us a picture of the puppy sleeping on his back- I see those pictures and never believe they are real.

I will take them all please, the puppies and the donkeys.

TA Carbone said...

The puppies are just beautiful and oh how we can see mommy and daddy in them.

I didnt realize how many male donkeys were born this year. WOW.

Keeping Up With Donkey Smiles
aka TA

Carol Dee said...

Those little babies are growing so fast. I know it will be hard to part with any of them. Hugs...

♥...Mo...♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
♥...Mo...♥ said...

are so cute ...
I ♥ Jorge

Julia said...

They are getting so much cutter if that's possible. Thank you for memory lane, too. All of God's little miracles. I have a hard time letting go, that's why I have 4 cats in our tiny apt., mother & 2 of her kids(big boys), & the neighbor had kittens so she kinda just dropped off a 6 wk. old baby knowing I wouldn't let it go to pound. She was right.
But all your babies & their parents are so adorable, & really enjoy sat. animal cracker's, :).


Lorraine said...

oh gosh your babies are getting so beautiful i love that you can see their beautiful eyes thankyou for sharing your beautiful piccies and i love their names by the way xx

Rufus said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, baby day! They are all so darn cute! Even if some of them aren't babies anymore, they are still gorgeous.

Kirsten Alicia said...

The puppies are getting cuter by the day!! Thanks for the photos of the donkey babies, they really are a gorgeous group.

Helen said...

Dear Michelle, it is good that I am living in Europe (Holland), otherwise my yard would be to small as I would like to take them all home, but with two dogs, a rabbit, two gerbils and two kids the zoo is full. Keep giving us this lovely pictures, love them....

Ida said...

Always a pleasure to see your "critters" - The puppies are just adorable.
Love the donkey pictures as well and oh my (if) I had a farm I think Paco would be such a fun animal to have, he's so handsome.

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