Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Me and My Space #5 - Paper

Ok, so I didn't get this area as tidy as I would have liked.. but hey - at least it is ok enough to show you a few photos. Paper... Other than my stamps probably the largest thing for me to get together and organize. This looks pretty organized, but really it is just put into one space - It needs just a bit more tweaking for finding certain papers a bit more easily but this is working right now.

All of my papers are in an antique Library Cabinet. I love this cabinet, just wish it was a tad bit larger. Sorry I didn't get a photo of the entire cabinet...  Just couldn't back up far enough... So I did it in a couple of photos.

Top of the cabinet -
This is my cardstock - on the right. It use to all fit into that one divided box... use to that it. Now my whites, creams, browns, and yellows have fallen out and sit to the left of the box in Cropper Hopper paper storage containers on their sides. You can also see that I have had to move the divided box all the way over and off of the top of the cabinet.. I made sure that it won't tip off the cabinet, that would be really bad.

 On the left side of the top you can see my basket - I wanted an antique basket, and looked forever for one, then one day at Target I saw this one in the Garden section - it was something like $30 - but it was on clearance - I got it for $5.00! I love it! It holds all of my newest paper stacks - most used at this time.

Now into the cabinet. The doors on these Library cabinets fold up into the case, kind of like a garage door. This is perfect for me, and 99% of the time I just leave them up and open. My cabinet has two shelves. Top shelf is all the rest of my paper stacks, and then 4 more Cropper Hopper paper holders. In these four I have newer papers (last couple of years) sorted by theme or style. The papers I go to most type of thing. I have them labels with, Vintage, Holidays, Country, Favorites. (Favorites being those papers like Graphic 45 - that I just adore and have to really have a special project to cut it apart! LOL)

Bottom shelf. This is where I have my Core'dinations card stock, extra card stock and then Pattern Paper single sheets from the beginning of time.... sad I know I have so much paper.  A little while back I sorted through a lot of it and gave away probably a 2 foot stack of paper. I need to do it again - pass it on kind of thing... Hey maybe that would be a good give away coming up? Michelle cleans out! LOL   This paper is all in Cropper Hopper's and is sorted by company.

Then one more place I have paper... Grandma's Tin Thingy.... 
 This yellow metal thing was in my Grandma's sewing and beading closet. She kept all her Paints, and glues. It was a mess... still is on the inside of it - but I lined the bottoms of the shelves after giving it a good washing. I love this metal thingy.. and I know Grandma would love knowing I am using it. I keep all of my little paper stacks and pads in here. It is the perfect size to line up my 6x6 pads.. and then the larger ones lean on the bottom, and on the top.

So there is my paper storage. Not the best out there, I have seen much much better. But this was not expensive, and well... works in my space.

I must run now... very very busy day. Cleaning, and lots of cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving - sigh. I have accepted that it is really Thanksgiving...  HEY at leat there will be pie :0)

Have a wonderful Day - those celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US - enjoy -
HUGS and-


Judi said...

And I thought I had loads of paper!!!! lol

Judi xxx

Helen said...

Same here, but I'm not that organised. Mine is everywhere spreaded (3 cupboards, on my desk, under my desk). Maybe I should start this me and my (cleaned) space thing as well. Wishing you a nice thanksgiving from cold Holland. Hugs, Helen

Kirsten Alicia said...

Mmmm, lots & lots of lovely paper!!!!! :) I've been trying to organise my paper storage for years & haven't succeeded yet; it's currently in various shapes & sizes of boxes all over the place, so I'm very impressed by your tidiness Michelle.

Carol Dee said...

WOW that is a lot of paper! Great way to organize it all.

♥...Mo...♥ said...

For me it is paradise...

Lorraine said...

wow Michelle you have seriously stunning papers are you a bit of a collector by any chance huni xx

BethW said...

Wishing you,hubby and all your fur babies a very Happy thanksgiving!

Lacey Stephens said...

Ok, I thought I had a paper problem!! I think you have me beat!! LOL