Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Me and My Space #3 - Unmounted Stamps Storage!!

Now last week I showed off my Wood Mounted Stamps - they make me happy being able to see them all in my Space. But the real problem for storage and organization is my Unmounted Stamps - Clear Stamps and Foam Mounted cling stamps. I have A WHOLE LOT OF THESE - And this system lets me store them organized and really a bunch in one spot. So I first when trying to figure out how to store my stamps - did the CD case storage - and honestly I still have a lot of less used stamps stored this way, in a box on a shelf. But my go to stamps, and favorite brands were just hard to store that way, and took way to much room. I ran across a company that had a box - and you purchased laminated sheets to fit in the box. My LSS at the time, sold them and I purchased two of them to try. The idea was wonderful, but they had no lids and honestly didn't hold many stamps on one sheet. I needed stacking storage - So I put my thinking hat on and went shopping to find something to work for me.

 So here you can see some of my boxes stacked on my cute polka -dot storage shelves. I went to the office supply store and purchased these boxes, called a "CARD KEEPER". Very appropriate don't you think? It came with these great plastic dividers. I then took old unused card stock and cut pieces to fit inside... 7 1/2 x 9 inches. Then laminated them. I was really lucky... the Purple Cow Laminate Machines was on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby and I had really been wanting one, and this was a great excuse. Buying a few of the boxes, and the laminating machine and plastic were less than two of the inspiration boxes I had originally purchased. I won't lie... I have gone back and gotten a bunch more of the boxes since doing this system two years ago. I really shouldn't even say how many I have filled...... ahem.. 10 of them :0) and still have huge amount in CD's.... OH my... now you see why I need my Dust it Off post on Sundays!  I am a STAMPAHOLIC a problem I am happy to deal with, now that I have things working towards good organization and storage :0)
On the ends of each box I have labeled as to what is in that box -
Inside I have used the dividers that came with it to sort within. This is the Stampavie 2008-2009 box, and there is a divider for each artist in the Stampavie collection during that time. I also have boxes that each divided section is for different brands of stamps. I then just put their name on the outside of the box as well. Does that make sense? Should have photographed that huh? You can maybe see this on the first photo of the boxes stacked.
Here you can see my laminated sheets of card stock. These are some of my VERY loved Sarah Kay images - I can get anywhere from 6-12 stamps per side of the laminated sheets. All though I don't do two sides in many of the sections, as they stick and make them hard to pull in and out of the box.
Here you can see my Magnolia box. A second box has now been started - as this one is getting too full and very hard to get through. The foam mounted rubber stamps work wonderfully on the laminated sheets.
 This is a side note to my storage boxes.... I use the lids of the box, that flip open to stick my "masking images" - Once I have taken the time to stamp and carefully cut out these images, why throw them away? So I put them in the lid of the box so I have them if I need them at a later date. The white ones are card stock with a removable glue dot on the back. The two green ones are newer ones... LOVE these - Have you seen the new Post -it -notes that are sticky all over the back? PERFECT for masking!

Hope this helps you with your storage of stamps - and if you have any questions about mine, just shout out! I love this system, it works well for me, things are closed in boxes and don't get dusty - they stack - and hold a ton of images. And when working on a project I just take that box to my desk to work.

So what would you like to see next week? Leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do to show that. :0)

HUGS and -


Judi said...

Oh my word, Michelle, my hubby thought I had loads of stamps, but I showed him your wood mounted ones last week, and am just dying to show him this week's lot, as I figure he'll think himself lucky that I'm not as bad as you................. YET, lol.

Thanks for sharing your storage ideas, I think this one may be just what I need.


Judi xx

Kirsten Alicia said...

Oh my goodness Michelle, its a good thing you can't see my attempt at storing ANY of my stamps!! Your organisational skills are excellent & have inspired me to make an early New Year's resolution - wish me luck. :)

Carol Dee said...

WOW, you stash looks like mine
*hee-hee* Kind of! I am also a stampaholic but not organized at all! I should loook for some of those boxes as the drawers I have the unmounteds in is a mess and nothing is ever found. Thanks for the great tips. Hugs...

♥...Mo...♥ said...

It's a great idea ...
woow ... You have a large collection. my stamps come easily in a single box xD
jajajajaja ... but little by little I'll have more
Thanks for sharing
A big hug

Tracy said...

Yep I would really love to try this storage idea, gonna start doing some laminated sheets tomorrow. And then I'll look for a storage box, i'll only need one as I don't have anyway near the amount of stamps you have. Fabulous storage idea. Can you show us your way of storing ink pads next,
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Chan said...

I love your blog, Michelle! Thank you for sharing your craft room organization -- it's so fun to see the craft spaces of others. :o) I *love* your polka-dot storage shelves, and those boxes for your stamps are great -- the dividers are so handy! Thanks for the great ideas!

Debbie Pamment said...

Oh my - this is such PERFECT timing for me as I'm trying to re-organize my craft space as my supplies grow and grow! You have some AWESOME idea - thanx soooo much!

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

omg can u come and organsie me..??? i so need something like this..... brill...

Linda w said...

Michelle when you purchase a clear set how do you store them? I have so many clear sets. I don't want to seperate the sets because most of them have some sort of theme. Would they fit in the boxes you use just leaving them in the packaging they come in? Thanks for sharing your ideas.

stamp on...

Basteltiger´s Welt said...

Thanks for all these inspirations on your craft room.
Just recently I posted mine on my blog as well.
Maybe you want to hop over and have a peek.

Have a nice day.

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Ruby said...

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jade said...

Another nice design touch is there is a picture of the appropriate chit on the side of each box so you can easily see from across the table which box you need to reach into. Plastic Divider