Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Me and My Space #4 - Smaller Ribbons

Back for another view of my craft room - "Me and My Space"... I had a few request last week - my ink pads, my pattern paper, and my ribbon. Honestly... I need to do a little straightening up with my papers before I photograph that area, and I am still working on my ink area - so here that leaves my Ribbon - This is one of my Ribbon areas. What I call my smaller ribbons, I have my wider ribbons in another place. 

These are the smaller three drawer plastic things you see in most stores. I found them on sale a LONG LONG time ago, and have used them for a million things over the years. Funny... all of my embellishments, ribbons, inks, markers ... well basically all my craft stuff started in these YEARS ago... LOL  From 4 of these to now needing an entire room.. and it is so full Hubby is starting to roll his eyes at me.

So all 4 of these sit on on of my shelves, and my smaller or thinner ribbons are all in these. And really... it is a tight fit in some of the colors. So how I have these organized - Each drawer is a different group of colors - That is labeled on the outside of the drawer. Recently I decided I didn't like to see all the stuff inside and wanted a more uniformed cheerful look. So I took scrap Tilda Papers and cut pieces and just slipped in the front of each drawer.
As you open the drawers this is what you see... I purchased a whole bunch of the Cropper Hopper Small square embellishment holders, I found them on sale, used coupons and would get them anytime they were cheap. Like 12 of them for a dollar or so. I then took my ribbons and rolled them up and placed them into the containers - they fit PERFECTLY into the drawers. Each drawer hold more than 100 of these boxes. Yes.. I have a ton of ribbon... I have serious addiction to ribbons - they are just so pretty :0)

So here is the shelving unit that my ribbon drawers are on. I have 4 of them, 12 drawers basically - their are three that are just stuffed with scraps - lace - and twine. Not really organized in any way. I like they way the papers show on the shelf and it matches my craft room - blue, white, pink and roses. 
Also on these shelves you can see some of my larger Sizzix dies - those Pro Dies and Bigz Dies are big! A pain to keep hiding... You can also see some of my decorative boxes - the top and first shelf. Love when Hobby Lobby puts these on sale! I put misc. craft supplies in them. One box is my clay and tools for that, another is felt, etc. One day I will try and show these more. OH and the decorative box on the third shelf  - that is the box I told you about last week, it holds all of my CD cases with stamps. The stamps I don't really use real often but just can't live with out them. 

I fill in spaces on the shelf with flowers, and pretty things... like framed gifts from friends and of course stuffed Donkeys :0)  they sit all around my room ... you will see :0) Hope you enjoyed my little ribbon storage, I'll work on the other request you would like to see, and make sure to shout out if you want to see something else. 

Have a wonderful Day!!
HUGS and-


Anne said...

Gorgeous card Michelle.
Love how you decorated the front of the little drawers too, they look fab
Anne x

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, this is really a good idea to put away your ribbons. Mine are just all in 3 open boxes and I tell you, this gets very messy (knots, ribbons without holder, etc.) Will see if I can get this kind of stuff here in Holland as I like the way you stored your ribbons very well.
Thanks for you sharing with us.
Kind regards from Holland.
my blog:

Carol Dee said...

Great place and way to store your ribbon. I have mine in those photo boxes. 6 of them! I like ribbon, I hord it! I have so much and don't always use it. :) Thanks for the peek into you crafting room. Hugs...

Diane said...

TFS! That is really neat,love the idea of pattern paper for the drawers.So organized!!!!

♥...Mo...♥ said...

everything looks so beautiful order in place
I have not much space for my things
but I have not much to save ... XD
I take ideas from your space for the future

Kirsten Alicia said...

My ribbons are all in one huge plastic box & it's a nightmare trying to find what I want, so I really like this idea Michelle. Thanks for all the organising tips.

Anonymous said...

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Tracy said...

Great ribbon storage Michelle, love the pretty papers in the drawers.
Happy crafting
Tracy x