Saturday, December 22, 2012

Animal Crackers - A Chilly Late Afternoon

Howdy - Getting ready for Christmas? Trying here... had plans to finish up things to wrap up and couldn't do a thing yesterday. I had to get my "good eye" checked. I was late on making my appointment and finally got in. Nothing wrong really, getting a little harder to read things at times. But since only having the one eye,  I am suppose to have my eye appointments more often to be on the safe side. Anyway... they put those nasty drops in my eye... I hate that! But necessary I suppose. Normally they don't effect me too bad. But yesterday they made me ill, dizzy and gave me a horrible headache. Not fun for being crafty or doing any cooking. So nothing was checked off my list at all. I did feel a bit better just before the sun started to set, at least well enough to grab my camera and head out to see my kids and snap a few photos. With the cold start to the day the afternoon really was gorgeous, a little chilly but the sun was shining and made for some great photos - oh and in case you are wondering... check up was good, well except for the dreaded news that I have gotten old and need bifocals! sigh.

The babies are all getting big... I can't believe that it almost time to pull the boys out and start run the ads to start finding new homes for some of them. Mary is most likely going to stay with us. She is one of the friendliest of the girls. And you know I love those blue eyes!

Speaking of the blue eyes.. how stunning is Luke?

I can't get over the markings on his face, and those eyes just melt me. He is a friendly one too! Darn it... Why is it that the friendliest ones of all the babies are a few of the boys? I can't keep boys. They are that too obnoxious friendly point right now. Like pull and chew on your pant legs, un-tie your shoes, jump in your lap and try and eat your hair friendly. Love it!

Snapped a pretty one of Jennifer -

She is one of the youngest - A odd color too. Really a pretty grayish tan buckskin. None of the others have her coloring. She is part of Annie's triplets, and all three of them are tiny and all though friendly once you catch them... you have to work at catching them. Mom keeps them rounded up and on guard. I'll keep working on Jennifer... her sister Malory and brother Alex.

Promised you Donkeys this week! And I got some adorable faces for you!

Fancy Pants -

Don't show the three from the front pen often... I guess I just don't have my camera when we get up to the front pen. We have three Donkeys in the small front pen. Two of our geldings and then Fancy Pants. Now you may ask why is Fancy Pants in the pen with two geldings. Well as much as we love Fancy Pants... she can be a bit of a trouble maker. We tried for years to breed her - she had problems and never did take. Sad, cuz she is a gorgeous red/brown girl. Her trouble making though... she takes over all the other girls, and keeps them from getting bred as well. She is rough on the young ones, and loves teaching the young ones her bad habits. So we decided that we loved her too much to sell her, plus why sell and pass on a little trouble to someone else. The best thing is to move her in with the geldings, Rico and Miguel. Now Miguel is her 1/2 brother. We purchased them both from the same place, years apart.

Miguel - our first "stud"

 When we started the donkey "business", we purchased three girls and then Miguel for our stud. Three years later... no babies. Seems Miguel had issues with breeding as well. (yes, we stopped buying from that breeder) Again... we loved him too much to sell him. Yes... we probably are not the best business minded at raising "livestock" we are saps-

Since I showed you both Miguel and Fancy Pants from the front, wouldn't be fair to not show you Rico

 Sun was starting to set -hard to get a photo of the guy.  But I loved this one and how it shows off all those wiskers! LOL Rico... well he is a handsome spot. Would have loved to have him as a stud. But he was a gelding when I found him in an ad. We didn't need him, but I saw the photo of him and he looked so sad that I told Hubby we had to go and see him. And of course once we did it was for sure we needed to bring him home. He was all alone in a very tiny muddy pen, not the healthiest, or cleanest. And scared of everything. That made me think things had not been happy for him his first year of life. He needed to come home with us and if anything he could be a friend for Miguel so he didn't have to be alone in a pen. Now years later you cannot separate them. They are best buds - and where one goes the other must as well.

Got a sweet photo of Pedro in the young boys pen- He is getting so big!

With the cold start to the day and the winds, Pedro and Ramon had spent most of the day running and rough housing. They are so funny when they are playing, you know that hard reckless boy playing. Yes, too fun to watch and see them so happy. 

Chica - 

 Ok, Chica and "The Flea" - Chica loves to carry around her special toy. She changes which one is special from time to time. But 75% of the time it is Flea. (Don't tell her this is Flea #3 ok? Flea 1 and 2 lots legs and stuffing from too many tug of war games.) She is such a sweet doggie - with those big brown eyes and a nasty dirty flea toy in her mouth. :0)

Last photo today... I am calling this one Dinner on the Run -

Hubby has to really work quick to fool the goats and get in and feed them. They are like piranhas at dinner time. Sometimes I worry that Hubby won't make it out alive! LOL The trick now is to let them out of the goat pen into the back yard, and just as they all have come out, he heads in quick to get ahead of them. Once he gets a couple of their feed troughs filled it settles down, but the winner is the one that can get to the feed first and start eating. That goat gets them most feed you know. LOL This time of the night is one of my favorite times of the day - It is loud, active and just plain funny!!  And it is all over in a matter of minutes then all are settled and munching. About 5 minutes later all the grain is gone (they really don't get much per goat, just enough to spoil them and make them think they getting the "good stuff")  and then we get to talk to them, and play with the babies for a while. Love this time of the day!

Now you would think that today I will have my list out and be working like crazy to get those things checked off right? Should be... but today Hubby has someone coming to help him work on some fences and do a things around here. And me? BF Tracey and I have an appointment for pedicures and manicures in town. It has been a long while since we have gone for some girl time - looking forward to it! Then I will be ready to tackle all those things on the list tomorrow - for tomorrow is another day. :0)

You ready? What is still on your list to do? Make me feel better that I am behind and let me know you are too ok? LOL Have a great Saturday!

HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says....

Great photos! Have a wonderful girls day out!

Carol Dee said...

I was so far behind my usual this year I was begining to stress, then we got TWO snow days ... I finally feel caught up. *sigh* but not DH he is out shopping today!
Love the animal picks and Chica's Flea. LOL. Just like kids, they have the favorite toy or blanket that gets worn to shreds. Have aun day, hugs....

BethW said...

Everything! Tree not done,still some shopping to do,nothing wrapped or cooked-hope that makes you feel better.Lord knows your pictures made me feel a whole lot better.So glad you got Rico-he sure looks happy and content now!

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, what a great pictures. I love them all. To make you feel good the tree is up but not decorated yet. The gifts still need to be wrapped and lucky me do not have to Cook for christmas so glad cause otherwise i had to do the shopping. Wishing you, hubby and all animals a merry christmas and a happy new year. Hugs helen