Saturday, December 8, 2012

Animal Crackers - Movement and Sound

Howdy - Something a little different for todays Animal Crackers post - I went out the other afternoon and just sat and watched the baby goats with their normal activity. I could sit and watch them forever. While sitting there I took out my phone and shot a little video for you -

Now hold back the doggies and kitties... cuz there is sound with this :0) So you will hear the babies talking to each other, but so it doesn't freak you out of your chair... the donkeys are screaming in the background. It was really close to dinner time and they were trying very hard to get our attention away from the goats. And before you ask... the loud scream among the donkey hee haws... that is a donkey. That is Ellie Mae and that was one of her lame screams, they are usually much longer and louder. OH and excuse the beep during the video... my phone was dying.

Totally loved Tuco coming over to the fence and sniffing two of the babies. Such a cutie! The head butting just cracks me up. The littlest ones get in there and take on them all!

Hope you enjoy... and don't worry I am out there taking more photos of them at play. Yesterday we enlarged the goat pen by more than double the size. So they are having a blast running and playing. :0) And most importantly... we separated the bucks more! I so hope it helps with the fighting between the fences.

Have a great Saturday!
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Kittie said...

Michelle, I could watch those darling, leaping babies forever as well. I loved seeing this. They just don't stand still for minute do they!!!

Marilyn said...

This is so funny! I like how they look like there's springs on their feet when they jump, it's like 'sproing, sproing..' What a hoot! And that's quite a scream of Ellie Mae's... if someone heard that without knowing it was a hungry donkey, it would be quite worriesome!

Anonymous said...

Great!! My family of origin had a herd of 40 milking goats when I was in college but I never grow tired of watching them! I love it when they jump sideways! Wow Miss Ellie Mae sounds like she's being murdered or something... thanks for the warning. Loved it.
Beth Greco

Carol Dee said...

ADORABLE, how do you ever get anything done with so much cuteness around? There is no way you could ignore a hungry donkey! Oh-My :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video, I could watch it a 100 times & not get bored. They are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing it with us, have a great weekend.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, what an adorable video I could watch it for hours. What a cute little bunch. My doggies were sleeping on their benches, but as soon as I played the movie at least one of them peeked the ears and started barking back to Ellie Mae's scream. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Helen

JoanieMc said...

This is so very cute!!! I could sit and watch them all day. It must be a great pleasure to see them born, grow and loved on. I could hug each and every one of them. Please do this again sometime. Hugs ; )