Sunday, December 2, 2012

Me and My Space - Antique Mall Case

So we did go to the Antique Mall yesterday - you knew we would didn't you? I took a few photos of our display case and our booth - thought you might like to see :0) So today I thought I would show our display case - next week I'll do the booth.

The cases are great - they are 4ft x 8 ft with glass doors and lights, all along the wall up by the check out of the mall. This is a great place to put all those items with a little more value or that are so small they may be "misplaced".

We stuffed our case FULL!

You can see we love the toys. I hope others do too :0)

A few close ups...

Our Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty Circus Animals - Won't be sad if that Lion doesn't sell... it might have to come home. I took in a couple donkeys too - shocking I know, but I kept the two best ones at home.

Here is a sampling of some of my "breakables". Hubby isn't too impressed with the baby plates, but I love all the different patterns and shapes. The souvenir items in the center - from my collection years ago. Thinning out things and decided to sell a bunch. Our new passion... creamware, pearlware and children's dishes from the 18th and early 19th century. You can see two on the left. We are really trying to seek this older stuff down. Hubby has gone totally nuts for the creamware that is hand painted... not easy to find though - I'll try and show some of that off in a later post. That isn't in our for sale things though.

The dolls... oh yea I have lots of those for sale. I told you a while back that I purchased a collection of 80 dolls. Yep 80!  I have one shelf packed with dolls of all eras - Composition, wood, rubber, bisque and china- I guess they date from 1860's to 1950's I would say that is all eras wouldn't you?

And the other side of the shelf. I really love the Patsy like dolls (far left) And a few of the bisque German dolls were hard to price and sell - they are so pretty. I love the one in the hat and the one pointing. Going through all the bisque dolls, and finding the makers and dates from the marks on their necks was really interesting. The last month I have been really learning a ton about dolls.

That front one in the dot dress you may recognize.. Shirley Temple. And that sitting one in the front, the little composition baby - she is really gorgeous, and I love her bonnet with the wide dark red ribbon.

Another favorite of mine is the cast iron toys - and the pressed steel and tin toys - Those little cast iron toys in the front were a collection I purchased from one dealer, Kilgores - They are in amazing condition - I just hope that someone comes in and loves them as much I do... you can see I have a few of those! And the cast iron stove just amaze me. I had 6 of them in the beginning. Only two left. Most of the ones I had were Arcade and Hubley's. Both great makers of cast iron toys.

There is also a shelf with Yelloware, and more creamware, a few more tin toys and then the bottom shelf is Hubby's huge pressed steel trucks from Keystone and Buddy L - you know Man toys. They are pretty cool though. From the 1920's and they are very detailed. Water tank trucks actually spray water, dump trucks work and are great for imaginations and moving lots of dirt. And all the different Army Trucks - I once asked Hubby why the Army trucks are always so hard to find in good condition - he looked at me and said you never played war with trucks as a kid did you? Uh.. nope I was playing with dolls! LOL

The mall is having a big sale this weekend. All the booths are adding discounts for the weekend. So if you like antiques and happen to be in the Round Rock area (north Austin) - stop in the Antique Gallery a huge mall with LOTS of isles of booths filled with goodies.

Hope you liked seeing our first display case in the antique mall -

So what is your Sunday like? We are doing the ritual morning breakfast with the locals. Then we have some friends that want to come and see the baby goats. Then... those chores we skipped out on yesterday.. yuck! LOL

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

Great display case, love the little boy doll in red and gray. He looks a lot like our youngest grandson! Have a sweet Sunday, hugs...

Rufus said...

Oh my all those dolls remind me of the collection that my Aunt used to have...some of hers were life size. I remember been scared to death by one of them as a kid!