Saturday, May 6, 2017

Animal Crackers - Beautiful Girls

Howdy -

First up how about Miss Chica... my little girl that I adore and cry from frustration with. She is so beautiful, so sweet, so loving and so exhausting. It is not possible for her to stay still... or to keep her tongue in! Yep she is a serious licker! But can't imagine life without her!

Beautiful right? Love her to pieces. 

Now you know how some girls just look great in stiletto heels? Or a Minni skirt? or heck yoga pants! Well Chloe is one that is just stunning in her horns! And BTW... I look great in any of the above myself! yoga pants??? uh no sweat pants or flannel pjs are more my style!! ha! 

Chloe is a beautiful goat and has given us gorgeous kids in the past, and she has probably the prettiest horns of all our goats. Long and slender!

Now a trio of pretty ladies... My girls that are in with Raffie to be bred!!

First is Lacey

My big girl, that has a beautiful reddish brown coloring. Most all her babies have looked just like her. Once she gave us a spot... fingers crossed for this time! But if it comes out looking just like her I will be just as happy! And all of her babies have that fabulous obnoxious personality.

Victoira... I believe I have told you more than once about how we breed her with Raffie to get those amazing spots on a baby... and more than once we have gotten a solid brown baby!

LOL but they are always little and adorable. Just once though I would love to get some of those black spots from Victoria! And those green eyes! But so far just thrilled with the fun little babies we have had.

Now little Miss Pepita is our first time Momma... and I am SO excited to see what we get there! Solid Black momma with brown and white spot daddy????

And both Pepita and Raffie are really little so it should be a tiny baby... now you may be asking.. what is she looking at???


Raffie was trotting over making LOTS of noise! Every time we go out for head scratches and loving he is worried crazy that we are going to take his ladies away from him!! We will one day but not quite yet. Things are getting calmer, not so much running, chasing and "getting" going on lately, but for now we will leave them in place just to make sure things got done. LOL

Have to show off Hubby's garden! He got the Zucchini squash planted last week... And look already!!

 Oh already pulling out all my yummy zucchini recipes! Can't wait! If you are wondering what the container is??? Recycling.. this is a shipping container for beer kegs! Don't drink here.. but happy to reuse this great container for our garden!

Now I can pass on the watermelon .. not a big fan myself. But I just had to show you how well they are going...

Ok, may not like the taste.. but common that is really adorable right? Ha!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! The weather here is suppose to be gorgeous this weekend so I am seeing lots of outdoor time before it gets too hot around here.

Hugs and -


okienurse said...

awesome pictures of your fur babies! I hope you do get some little spotted donkeys! Garden looks great. We are still on winter crops. I need to get the squash planted soon. I hope this hot one day cold the next goes away soon. My tomatoes and peppers are suffering. Have a great week and thanks for sharing!

Carol Dee said...

I am late to check what up in TX today. But the weather here is AMAZING so we have been real busy getting the yard work done. Trimmed the hedge, tilled and seeded the yard (over 40 years since last replanting!) it was ALL weed. :( Then moved some plants. I bought and hauled 10 bags of mulch. Oh my aching back.
LOL, my sister has a sweet terrier mix dog *Rosie* she is a licker. The joke is Rosie can't hold her licker/liquor ;)
So when can we expect baby photos? I do not remember the gestation period for donkeys.
Hope the rest of the weekend is fun and relaxing. (I am heading for the ibuprofen jar next. :)